STS – students teaching students

Another wonderful session of students teaching students. We even had more culinary delights thanks to master chef Eric Tran! … and dessert queens Isabella J and Kristina. Isabella R is going to be a you tube star with her animation video procedure! Nhi showed us some amazing artistic drawing. We had some fancy footwork from some soccer videos from Finn, Denzel, Yafet, Jakob. We also were riveted to learn all about the game of chess presented by Vien and David T.

Well done to all students !


Student directed fitness

For student directed fitness today we had:

1. Rugby tag

2. Dodgeball

3. Poison ball

Student agency is most high when students direct and teach other students in the class on topics they are passionate about. Sport is no exception!


Students teaching students (STS) take 2

What another amazing session of students honing their skills and interests and teaching the class!

Students, Teaching, Students ! (STS)

Today we also had our first STS session. Teaching the class today was:

  1. Shylah/ Jaida
  2. Patience/ Shristie
  3. Jay/ Allan
  4. Angelina C
  5. Mach/ Charlie

class timetable