Exposition to Discussion

Today as a group we discussed the difference between an Exposition (one side of an argument) and a Discussion (two sides of an argument).  We then agreed that our classes are going to take part in a series of debates.  Students decided on the topics that are of interest to them. In the coming weeks we will choose 6 topics and create affirmative and negative teams, just like real debating!  The students are excited and are looking forward to planning and taking part in our class debates.  Stay tuned…

Visiting the MUDLA/ Kuyangani

For science today ND and NP began identifying the animals in the fish farm and MUDLA. We used some helpful links to assist us in identifying all the animals in the fish farm and MUDLA. Later we will investigate their features such as their adaptations that they have which help them survive in their environment. 





Maths – arrays

Today students have been exploring the concept of arrays.  Using flip tiles they have been able to make visual representations of the arrays of different numbers and identify the relationship between arrays and multiplication. This will lead to rich data such as prime, composite numbers, factors, multiples and more!