Science- Mass, volume and density

Students were given the provocation today: What weighs more? 1Kg of feathers or 1kg of bricks?

Annie: “They weigh the same amount”

This lead us to a discussion about mass, volume and density and the following investigation:…..

session 2… we are discovering more about mass, volume and density…..

Finn: The kg metal weight is most dense because it is more compact and doesnt take up space

Hannah: The plastic unifix cubes have the least density because they are hollow

Angelina S: The water took up one litre to make one kilogram. 

A few groups discovered that there are 2 different kinds of wooden MAB blocks. The older ones are lighter than the newer ones. Plus the older ones are not exactly one cubic cm. We discovered that you cant use a combination of both to make 1 kg as then you cant really see how much space or volume they are taking up.

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