We have some great learning due soon…

The students of 5/6 ND NP have been working extremely hard on the following items of learning. At the same time, they have been using their student agency to manage their time accordingly to get finished these various tasks according to which they believe they need more time for….

1. Sustainable development goal inquiry…Due Monday week 10.

2. Hero / leader biography…Due Wednesday week 10.

3. Science density experiment…Due Tuesday week 10.

4. WNB….Due Friday this week.

Science- validity and fairness

Students were provoked into thinking today….what would they change or improve to their density tower experiment…. was there too much of one liquid type? Did one liquid curdle another making some layers mix? Are there better liquids to use next time that would make better layers of liquids with different densities?

We brainstormed as a class then thought about it for our own density tower experiment ….


This morning in Spanish, students worked in small groups to create 5 common phrases used here at school.  They had to decide on each phrase and record their voices, facial expressions and scenarios using the Spanish language.  They will continue to do this next week.  This activity enhances student engagement in speaking the Spanish language in everyday situations.

Sustainable Development Goals Day

On Friday the staff and students of Holy Family celebrated the seventeen global sustainable development goals.  This term our students have focused on one goal each of their choice, however on Friday we focused on goals 2 and 12.

Goal 2: Zero hunger

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

We had a whole lot of uneaten bananas in our classroom.  Instead of throwing them out, we decided to make banana muffins to share as a class during our shared lunch.  Each student brought in their own reusable plate, fork and cup so that we did not have any wastage.

It was a fun and successful day and helped our students understand and realise that we can all make a difference in reducing waste and using up food when there are people in this world who unfortunately face hunger on a daily basis.

Leaders and heroes

Over the past few weeks we have been discussing the qualities of heroes and leaders.  We connected these to the Character Strengths.  Students shared who they thought were types of leaders and specific leaders in our local and global community, past and present.

Students are going to choose someone who is significant to them and create a biography on that person’s experiences, successes and struggles faced as a leader or hero.