Playing with light and shadows- science


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I noticed when you moved the torch back from the object it would make the shadow longer…. (Hannah)


I realized when the torch is at the top of an object the shadow is smaller and at the bottom the shadow is bigger (Ava F)


When we shined the light on a cup, the shadow showed what was going on, on the outside. You could see where the torch was (Jay G)

Dobro utro (good morning) from Luka in Zagreb, Croatia

We were fortunate enough this afternoon to Skype Luka who is on holiday in Croatia with his grandmother. It was very early in the morning for them but they still made the effort to video conference us.  We thank you!

Luka showed us around the main square of Zagreb in Croatia.  He taught us a few greeting phrases in Croatian and seems to be having a great time. How lucky are we to have the technology to be on a video call with one of our class members on the other side of the world!

Term 3 student learning ideas

This week we have had discussions with our peers and as a whole class about our interests and the things we want to know more about.  We are going to incorporate these ideas into students’ learning this term. Some of the lead in questions were:

What makes you curious?

What do you want to inquire about?

What is your passion?

What excites you?

Students of 5/6NP and 5/6ND came up with the following list of ideas:

Moon landing – 50th anniversary…inquiry

After watching some BTN stories on the first Apollo moon landing (as a provocation), the students of 5/6 ND NP came up with some of their own inquiry questions on the moon landing or on space in general. After seeing some of these questions, these are some topics presented in this flowchart that students have come up with. It is interesting to see the direction that some have wanted to go….

Final lacrosse day

To mark the end of term we also had our final lacrosse session.  Our students have learned new skills and have genuinely gained an insight into the game of lacrosse!  We have some talented players and we are looking forward to the lacrosse carnival in Term 4.  Have a safe and happy holidays to all our students and their families in 5/6NP and 5/6ND.


From Ms Pinneri and Mr De Palma 

Lacrosse video 1

Lacrosse video 2

Last day fun with spheros!

Next term 5/6 ND NP will be focusing on using sphero robots as part of design/ technology and STEM. Today we had a play around using a golf green and hole. The aim was to try and get the shpero into the cup by coding it just like in real golf! Students also learned how to play various other games like hot potato.


Buddies- sharing their writer’s workshop books

Today we met up with our buddies to see the lovely work they have been doing as part of writer’s workshop. This is the basis for what later becomes the writer’s notebook which teaches students to become active agents of their own learning through writing creatively.

Fractions of quantities (whole numbers)

A great way of getting our scholars to divide whole numbers to find a fraction of a quantity is to use unifix cubes. This way we can see how many groups we need to split or divide our quantity into first. Then we need to use the numerator to see how many groups we need. This will lead onto some real-life problem solving involving fractions, decimals or percentages of whole numbers.