Moon lantern festival- Designing our lanterns

Today, the students of 5/6 ND NP began to get together in groups, individually or pairs to put their creative design minds to work! 

Here are some of our early designs for the upcoming moon lantern festival. Our groups are aiming to get a prize for their work.


Brainstorm of design materials/ ideas

Health – food and exercise

In Health we have been discussing the importance of our food and exercise choices.  We looked at the process of energy going into our bodies and energy coming out.  Our students have been taking part in recording their food and exercise for this week through a personal reflection.  They have used an online calculator of the kilojoules (kJ) consumed and used during their food and exercise diary entries.



Mathematics- angles in shapes and using centimeters and millimeters

Students are making real connections between angles in shapes and properties of shapes such as tessellations. Also students are refining their measuring skills using a ruler. They are learning the connection between mm and cm when measuring in a straight line. They then extended this to measuring a perimeter of any shape and also making a shape with a set given perimeter!

Students teaching students

This term we have been looking at the procedure genre – the structure and language features as well as some examples of procedures that we use every day.  Students will be given the opportunity to teach their peers something they are interested in or have skill in doing.  Our ‘STS’ presentations will take place from Monday of week 9.  Here are some examples of what students may be presenting…

Mathematics- playing with tessellating shapes

Our students are having a play, make do session using large paper and 2 D-shapes. Some of these shapes tessellate (fit together with no gaps or overlaps). Students were asked to play with the shapes in any way they see fit to construct their own authentic knowledge about shapes and tessellation.

What we have discovered about shapes and tessellation…

When we put octagons together, in the middle it made a diamond shape…. Jaida

Octagons can tessellate without another shape…. Shylah

Triangles and diamonds together can make a hexagon….. Ava F

Six triangles tessellated together to make a hexagon….. Finn

I tried to tessellate a circle on its own but it needs a curvy diamond shape to help it.. circle cant on their own because they have no edges…. Mathewos and Alan

Three diamonds can make a 3- D shape…Patience

Pentagons cant tessellate on their own… Eric



Book Week parade and Harry Potter dining hall

What an amazing day of fun and food!  Our students had a great day with the Book Week parade,  followed by a wonderful Harry Potter inspired ‘dining hall’ experience. A special thanks to our canteen staff Susan and Sue for a delicious meal.  What a successful day!

Book Week dress up and Dining Hall!

We are looking forward to seeing our students all dressed up tomorrow (Friday 23rd August) for our Book Week parade.  This will take place in the hall at 11am with the whole school. The theme this year is ‘reading is my secret power.’ 5/6ND and 5/6NP students will then take part in a Harry Potter inspired dining hall experience at around 12pm. Food supplied by our canteen staff and decorations will be influenced by the dining hall in Harry Potter.  We are loving the story so far in class and can’t wait to have our very own experience of it.

Mathematics- continuing angles in shapes

Our students have been continuing their understanding of shapes and angles within them. We have been busy making new discoveries by looking at the relationship between a shape and its number of sides and the angle sum of that shape.

Some students have gone even further and discovered they can actually work out the individual angle size of any regular shape (one with all sides and angles equal) by understanding the relationship between the number of sides of a shape and the amount of triangles within that shape. They do this using multiplication or division and not by using a protractor.