Science- playing with light.

We noticed that….

When you hold a glass prism to the sun it will split up the light to all the colours (Sebastian)

When you put the texta pen in the water it looked like it was broken but it wasn’t. (Nathan)

When you put more than two mirrors against part of a picture, you get a full picture. (Hannah)

When you put the cellophane on top of a torch it changes its colour, further away its lighter, closer the colour gets darker (Ava F)

When you put a colour of cellophane on a torch and shine it onto a coloured block, the block absorbs that colour and reflects the colour that it is (of the object). … (Angelina C)

When you shine a light into a glass prism, it bends the light and morphs it into other shapes…(Tyrese)

We realised that, when you shine a light on a globe its like mimicking the sun. One part of the world has light (sun) other side has night…. (Terry)

Light is made up of lots of different rays (wavelengths) not just the light we can see. …. (Jay)


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