Mathematics- playing with tessellating shapes

Our students are having a play, make do session using large paper and 2 D-shapes. Some of these shapes tessellate (fit together with no gaps or overlaps). Students were asked to play with the shapes in any way they see fit to construct their own authentic knowledge about shapes and tessellation.

What we have discovered about shapes and tessellation…

When we put octagons together, in the middle it made a diamond shape…. Jaida

Octagons can tessellate without another shape…. Shylah

Triangles and diamonds together can make a hexagon….. Ava F

Six triangles tessellated together to make a hexagon….. Finn

I tried to tessellate a circle on its own but it needs a curvy diamond shape to help it.. circle cant on their own because they have no edges…. Mathewos and Alan

Three diamonds can make a 3- D shape…Patience

Pentagons cant tessellate on their own… Eric



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