Its an assembly and spheros kinda day!…. oh and minecraft and pyjamas too! :)

Our students have been asked to recreate the whole school in mine craft! What a great mapping and scale activity!


Religion- real life parables cont…

Yesterday was the last of the presentations by the students of real life parables. They teach us life lessons and to do as Jesus does.

Religion- real life parables

Jesus taught his followers real life lessons of love, compassion and forgiveness through parables. Our students were given the provocation of some of these much loved parables and used some of these messages to create their own group parable with a modern twist!

STS- students teaching students

The last of STS did not disappoint. We had:

1. Frohar- comics- such as expert in all things Transformers!

2. Luka/ Jaydon- more minecraft expertise

STS- Students teaching students

Today we had more fun learning tasks designed by students for students. We had

1. Panna skills

2. Making oreo mini mouses

3. Making chocolate mud cake



Mathematics- investigating capacity and dimensions

What happens when you halve the dimensions of a box?

does the capacity also halve?

what happens to it?…..




Student directed fitness…..

The great student agency continued today with student directed fitness. Three groups lead the way in 3 different activities:

1. dodge ball

2. number soccer

3. the return of hula hoop attack!

STS- Monday

Today we had Ava R and Hannah (friendship braids), Sebastian and David P (minecraft) as well as Tyrese (Minecraft) Ava F and Emma (choc mint sundae) Kirra (how to play touch footy), Angelina S and Thao (soccer skills).

Well done again to all students presenting and listening!


STS- students teaching students

On Friday we had Tristan (teaching the class about redstone creations in Minecraft) , Fatehvir & Fayzan (teaching us the basics of cricket), Hiep (showed us how to make the robot character Gunpla), Bonnie (showing us the intricacies of paper flower making) , and Mary (making an amazing lava lamp!).

Well done to all students who presented and who listened.