Maths- Patterns and algebra

We are all pattern seekers by nature. Students are currently noticing patterns in algebra and expressing them as functions!

Maths- transformations

Transformations are an important part of spatial sense and geometric reasoning. There are 3 types of transformations: flip, slide and turn. We have been exploring these with shapes, letters etc. here are some pics…

Using photo booth for cool flip/ symmetry effects

Lab schools- Hip Hop Battle

It’s a dance off!!

Check out the videos below of our students and a surprise dance from the UniSA student teachers!

56ND group 1

56ND group 2

56NP group 1

56NP group 2

UniSA student teachers’ dance

5/6 EH, AE, ND, NP dodge ball

This afternoon we had an inter class dodge ball match. Double vs double. Great way to finish the week!

5/6 ND NP liturgy – Ecology

What a lovely service organized by Ms Pinneri and carried out by our double class. Here are some pictures from this morning…

Mathematics- representing decimal numbers…

Back in term 2 we related decimal numbers to fractions and even percentages. We compared them by placing them on a number line too. Today students represented them by using base 10 blocks we are all familiar with. The problem with base 10 MAB blocks is that they only go as small as one unit. Which is equal to a centi-cube. so what do we do?

We re name the ones we have. Students investigated and renamed one thousand block as the new unit (or ones), the old hundred block is now a tenth 1/10, the old ten stick is now a hundredth 1/100 and the old unit cube is now a thousandth 1/1000.

by angelina