Mathematics- representing decimal numbers…

Back in term 2 we related decimal numbers to fractions and even percentages. We compared them by placing them on a number line too. Today students represented them by using base 10 blocks we are all familiar with. The problem with base 10 MAB blocks is that they only go as small as one unit. Which is equal to a centi-cube. so what do we do?

We re name the ones we have. Students investigated and renamed one thousand block as the new unit (or ones), the old hundred block is now a tenth 1/10, the old ten stick is now a hundredth 1/100 and the old unit cube is now a thousandth 1/1000.

by angelina

Religion- Liturgical year of the church ..

Students have begun inquiring on various Liturgical seasons and times in the church year. Here are some responses from a class discussion and the corresponding learning task students will do…..

Robot wars!!

Today the students finally used their robot suits and some spheros to control their robot in an arena spectacular ! Here are some pics and video links from our afternoon.

IMG_7782 IMG_7783 IMG_7784 IMG_7787 IMG_7788 IMG_7789

Solar system number line!

Today we began looking at the distances between the planets and the sun and comparing them on a number line to scale….here ….

Lab Schools hip hop lesson #2

Dancing up a storm again on a Monday morning. Great way to get the heart rate up!

Science- forces and gravity

Today we had an amazing play session using provocations to do with forces (moving objects) and gravity (falling objects), here is what we did and found out!…

Mathematics – Probability with spinners

Students are given another learning tool to explore theoretical probability and test this by experimenting. This time looking at spinners with 3,4,5 or 6 parts- the choice was up to the students. Stray tuned for some student samples and some amazing discoveries.


LAB schools- Dance Hip hop

Dancing up a storm on a Monday morning!