Great Camp at Illawonga

For many the  deep foam pit was the best part of the camp at Illawonga which is just out of Swan Reach on the Murray. For others it was the scary dorm stories or the yabby fishing. Certainly everyone enjoyed the fun at the old shearing shed at the Big Bend, the caving expedition and the chance to steer the boat.

Term 2 and beyond!

At the start of this term, students worked together to brainstorm what they would like to learn about. here os what they came up with. We are looking forward to learning about these and many other interesting topics.


Students have been working on their own inquiry. There is much planning and organising to do before actually researching and presenting. Students have done a great job brainstorming and using metacognition in planning their inquiry.


Students have been doing functional grammar. Verbs are a big part of understanding grammar. The class located and highlighted verbs, before creating their own sentencing using verbs fro their word knowledge lists.


In Numeracy, students have been learning about fractions. Students looked at fractions and labelled them, compared fractions on a number line and have also created their own. We look forward to challenging ourselves with harder fractions tasks soon!


Mission Day

Mission Day is next Friday, 22nd June, (Week 5).

Students have been brainstorming in groups, to organise their own mini business! They will be working in groups to plan, organise and sell their service or product next Friday.


Art – Fun

Some students showed their strange sense of humour when they used their spare time to paint some optical illusions. Hope you like them.