Grevillia Park Task

Task – Due this Friday – 10th  November

This Geogrpahy task involves considering ways in which usage of Grevillia Park can be encouraged.

Year 5’s have to submit a letter to Mr White with their suggestions and need to include drawings of their plans.

Year 6’s have to submit a more formal proposal addressed to the Mayor of Salisbury. It needs to consider pros and cons of their submission as well as a formal letter outlining their proposal. A detailed drawing of their changes also has to be included.

Assemblies This Term

Both classes have had their assemblies this term.

Year 5/6PN held their “Little Bigshots,” in week two and 5/6E held their, “Character Strengths,” assembly in week three.

Both classes did an amazing job and showcased their great skills and understanding competently to the school community.

Maths Fun – Birthday Magic

Today our classes were challenged to work out how  the Magic Birthday  trick worked. In this trick, children’s birth dates were easily ,”guessed,” after they selected cards which had their birth dates on.

Eventually, after some clues were given, all children knew the Maths behind the task and made their own set of cards to use with family, friends and school buddies.

Some students have been given the extra task of working out why the cards work.

Ozobots and Scratch

Each Thursday morning we are lucky enough to have Mr Pearce share his Ozobot and Scratch knowledge with us. Many children have been able to make their own computer games while some have used their creative skills to complete cartoons.

Log Park – Ninja Warrior Course Design

Both classes have been the task of designing and building a Ninja  Warrior Course on the Log Park.

After measuring the dimensions of the Log Park students completed a map showing all length measurements and nearby buildings and fences. They have also worked out the perimeter and area and most are now starting their construction using a method of their own choosing.

Great Cross Country Involvement

Our classes had nineteen students engaged in today’s inter school cross country event.

It was great to see the commitment of our students with many attempting this event for the first time.

We managed to snap some of our runners before they left for the race this morning.

Well done to all our runners.