Clara Learning Powers By Vincent and Ken

During Art today we have been learning about Clara Learning powers. The learning powers include: Creativity, Sense making, Mindful agency, Collaboration, Curiosity, Belonging, Hope and Optimism, and Orientation to Learning. We have been drawing our own logos for one of the Learning Powers.

We will be using Water colors and oil pastels.

“I had a lot of fun creating my logo with the oil pastels and paints” Katarina


“It’s been fun because I have been using my creativity and imagination to design the logo’s” Jaydon

“We were expressive and got to show our thinking by doing the designs” Mathewos

These will be on display in our classroom. Feel free to drop in and have a look.

By Vincent and Ken

Popstick Bridges! By Thao and Annie

The kids has been designing their pop sticks bridges, with there  partners or group. The aim is to make the bridge hold 600 grams only using 50 pop sticks and PVA Glue!

We have to make the length of the bridge 50 centimetres long .


“Designing – Gowtham” “I was helping my friends – Ryan” ” I was working – Xavier “

” I was measuring the pop sticks – Thao” ” Drawing the design – Annie”

“We were seeing how long bridge gonna be – Sukhi” “I was measuring the length of our bridge – Tina”

“Helping designing the bridge – Kirra ” “Building a bridge – Anna” “Trying to plan out bridge what it would look like – Dalena”


Written by Thao and Annie

Numeracy Arrays by Luka and Keira

This morning we have been learning about arrays and what they mean.

Our task is to make the same numbers but with different arrays.

e.g The number 10 has factors of 5, 1, 10 and 2

Here are some of our classmates work what they have found out so far.

“I learnt how to do me timetables” Yanna

“I found out how to make different arrays with 4 and 6” Liam

“I found out so far to make different ways to make arrays” Hannah

By Keira and Luka

Upcoming Excursion

Good morning again,

Just a heads up that we are looking for volunteers (with a current Catholic Schools police check) to assist us on our excursion in week 6, Thursday 8th March.

If you are able to assist, can you please let your Childs teacher know ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

Che, Nadia and Sara.

Health and PE on Friday

Good Morning all!

Just a heads up that we will be undertaking health (physical) on Fridays between recess and lunch.

For the first few weeks of this term we will be focussing on Yoga and ask that if possible, can students please wear their school uniform.

Here’s a few pictures from last week to give you a taste of what we got up to!

Have a wonderful day.

In Kindness,

Year 5 CM&PP

The Celebration of Lent

Last week our classes celebrated the beginning of Lent.  We discussed the meaning of Shrove Tuesday and why we ate pancakes together.  We understand it is the day before Lent begins and traditionally in history, people would use up the foods that they gave up during this time.  Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent, which is 40 days before Easter Sunday.  We celebrated Mass together here at school.  Our priest told us we need to focus on 3 things during Lent:

  1. Fasting – giving up something or doing something during Lent to remember Jesus
  2. Praying – remembering Got through our prayers and the sacrifices Jesus made for us
  3. Sharing – taking the time to be mindful of others around us and in this world


We were all given the sign of the cross on our forehead with ashes to symbolise new beginnings.


‘Repent and be faithful to the Gospel.’




Welcome back!

Hello everyone!


Welcome to Year 5 2018 in 5PP and 5CM with Mr Murray, Ms Pinneri and Ms Pettet.

Just a reminder tonight is our Parent Information evening here in rooms 19 and 20 at 6pm.  Creche is available in the OSHC room for children while you are here in the meeting.  If you are unable to attend tonight we will provide the information we are sharing tonight on this blog later in the week.


If you have any other questions or concerns pertaining to you child please feel free to contact us via email:


We are looking forward to a successful year with your children!


Kind regards,

Nadia Pinneri, Che Murray and Sara Pettet