Number Skills and Perimeter, By Anna and Sebastian

Today for our classes numeracy task we learnt about perimeter!

We could get a partner or we could work by ourself, most of us worked with a partner. Our task was to get two dice and roll, we would then have to write the width and the length of the square or rectangle. For example, if we rolled a 6 and a 4 we would do a 6 as the width and 4 as length so it would be a 6 x 4 and the perimeter would be 20 because 4 + 4 + 6 + 6 = 20cm.

“I learnt how to add up area ” Jaida

“I was measuring the length of what I rolled on the dice” Tammy

“We were helping each other” Amy and Harriett

Next time in maths we will be learning how to calculate the area of a shape.

By Anna and Sebastian

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