Assembly Post By Erimina & Tammy

This assembly performed by 6/7B and 6/7SM and was about ‘The Story of the Feather.’

They showed the story in their little way and also showed how the CLARA learning powers work. At the end they did a little dance to give a little laugh. What we both thought of the assembly was that it was very entertaining to watch and creative.

‘Here is the class showing how they’ve made their own dream catchers’

‘They are acting out how the feather blew away in the book’

‘Funny entertaining dance’

By Erimina and Tammy


2 thoughts on “Assembly Post By Erimina & Tammy

  1. Hey guys it’s me Luka and I just subscribed with my Hotmail email so when I get home I can Subscribe with my school one. Good job with the blog Mr Murray and Ms Pinneri and Ms Pittet. KEEP UP THE AMAZING BLOG!!!! YAY

    • Thanks Luka.
      It’s all about you guys! How you are representing our learning in the classroom is fantastic. We’re all super proud.

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