Measurement – perimeter By Hannah & Tiffany

This week we have been learning about Perimeter, today we had a new task for perimeter and the task was to make shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles etc. Example 6cm and 4cm and we had to put the numbers together and find out the perimeter.

“that you only need to have two sides to work out the perimeter” Sebastian

“I found out the perimeter could be different on any shape” Jaida

“I found out that perimeter is the outside of the shape” Maddie

“we found out the perimeter is that you can make different shapes and you can tell what it is by different shapes” Dalena, Erimina, Tammy & Ann

“I found out that at the start it was hard but once we started learning it more it became more easy” Annie, Angel & Sukhi

By Tiffany and Hannah

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