Harmony Day Assembly By Stephanie & Angelina

In the Harmony Day Assembly there was different types of dances from different countries like Vietnamese, Cambodia, India, Spanish and Africa. Harmony Day is about belonging and everyone should be equal and included also on this day we had shared lunch, In the Assembly it had students from other classes performing different dances.



Solomon – “No matter what skin colour you have you can be still make friends

Erimina – “What I liked about Harmony day is that we all enjoyed the dance and that we had fun together as a class eating shared lunch”

Tina –  “What I liked about Harmony Day was about all about the different cultures and the animations in the Assembly”

Sukhi –  “I liked Harmony Day because I got to dance and because it was really fun, also I got to have shared lunch”

Ryan – “All of the food and having shared lunch because it was yummy”

Harriett  – “Shared lunch was yummy and the dances was really enjoyable to watch”

Ravid – “I liked shared lunch and the culture dance that I was in”


Written by Stephanie and Angelina

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