Harmony Day thanks

Dear Parents and Care givers,

On behalf of both classes and all the students, a BIG thank you to the parents and caregivers that were able to bring in a plate of food to share!

It was an amazing spread of food and the children were very grateful.

Thanks again.

Enjoy the weekend.

In Kindness,

Ché, Sara and Nadia

Harmony Day Assembly By Stephanie & Angelina

In the Harmony Day Assembly there was different types of dances from different countries like Vietnamese, Cambodia, India, Spanish and Africa. Harmony Day is about belonging and everyone should be equal and included also on this day we had shared lunch, In the Assembly it had students from other classes performing different dances.



Solomon – “No matter what skin colour you have you can be still make friends

Erimina – “What I liked about Harmony day is that we all enjoyed the dance and that we had fun together as a class eating shared lunch”

Tina –  “What I liked about Harmony Day was about all about the different cultures and the animations in the Assembly”

Sukhi –  “I liked Harmony Day because I got to dance and because it was really fun, also I got to have shared lunch”

Ryan – “All of the food and having shared lunch because it was yummy”

Harriett  – “Shared lunch was yummy and the dances was really enjoyable to watch”

Ravid – “I liked shared lunch and the culture dance that I was in”


Written by Stephanie and Angelina

Harmony Day shared lunch

Good morning all,

Just clarifying, we WILL be having a shared lunch for Harmony day tomorrow, Friday the 23rd March.

It would be great if you are able to provide a small plate of cultural food to share with the class. Please be aware, we have some students with allergies, so label anything that is home-made.

Thanks again for all the support.

In kindness,

Ché, Sara and Nadia.

Measurement – perimeter By Hannah & Tiffany

This week we have been learning about Perimeter, today we had a new task for perimeter and the task was to make shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles etc. Example 6cm and 4cm and we had to put the numbers together and find out the perimeter.

“that you only need to have two sides to work out the perimeter” Sebastian

“I found out the perimeter could be different on any shape” Jaida

“I found out that perimeter is the outside of the shape” Maddie

“we found out the perimeter is that you can make different shapes and you can tell what it is by different shapes” Dalena, Erimina, Tammy & Ann

“I found out that at the start it was hard but once we started learning it more it became more easy” Annie, Angel & Sukhi

By Tiffany and Hannah

HASS National Anthem by Mathewos and Kirra

During class we started learning about the national anthem during our HASS lessons. We had discussions as to what it was about and what the words meant. We also looked at the Kaurna Acknowledgement and what this represents to the Aboriginal and Kaurna people.

Today we began to put an iMovie together and recreate the national anthem with different images, explaining what it means and what it represents.


By Kirra and Mathewos

Assembly Post By Erimina & Tammy

This assembly performed by 6/7B and 6/7SM and was about ‘The Story of the Feather.’

They showed the story in their little way and also showed how the CLARA learning powers work. At the end they did a little dance to give a little laugh. What we both thought of the assembly was that it was very entertaining to watch and creative.

‘Here is the class showing how they’ve made their own dream catchers’

‘They are acting out how the feather blew away in the book’

‘Funny entertaining dance’

By Erimina and Tammy


Dice doubling by Harriett and Amy

Today for our maths warm up we did a dice game, the point of the game was to practice our doubling skills and warm up for the next task.

“this dice doubling helped me make the shapes easier” Angel

“This task was very easy for me, and it really helped me with the next task” Tiffany

“Its helped me very much with my times tables” Luka

“I think this task would help me when I’m outside of school, like when I’m at the shops or something” Thao

This task was helped a lot of people with the next task, perimeter. We all really enjoyed this task as it was very easy and difficult for different people.

By Harriett and Amy

Laptops and the calendar app!

Afternoon all,

This afternoon we will be trailing the use of your Childs ‘calendar’ as a means of documenting and recording homework tasks that need to be completed.

It’s hoped that your child can work towards documenting and prioritising their time at home and use the calendar to organise what is due and when!

Just as a little heads up….


Tonights homework included documenting 20 ‘things’ that we need to survive and then placing them into the following 5 columns;

1: Love and belonging

2: Freedom

3: Power

4: Fun

5: Survival


Have a wonderful evening,

In Kindness,

Ché, Sara and Nadia

Number Skills and Perimeter, By Anna and Sebastian

Today for our classes numeracy task we learnt about perimeter!

We could get a partner or we could work by ourself, most of us worked with a partner. Our task was to get two dice and roll, we would then have to write the width and the length of the square or rectangle. For example, if we rolled a 6 and a 4 we would do a 6 as the width and 4 as length so it would be a 6 x 4 and the perimeter would be 20 because 4 + 4 + 6 + 6 = 20cm.

“I learnt how to add up area ” Jaida

“I was measuring the length of what I rolled on the dice” Tammy

“We were helping each other” Amy and Harriett

Next time in maths we will be learning how to calculate the area of a shape.

By Anna and Sebastian

Planning our Prayers, by Dalena and Sophia

Today we have been working on our prayers that we will be using in class.

Each day some students will be presenting prayers, in different formats.

“Our prayer is about being grateful” Abel and Gowtham

“During prayer we will be showing an iMovie about gratefulness” Annie and Sukhi

“For our prayer we are planning on getting students to listen to music and listen to short prayer we have found” Nikki and Kirra

“Our prayer is about thanking God. We’re also going to listen to music” Solomon and Ryan

We have also put together a prayer book that you are free to look at when you visit our class.

By Dalena and Sophia