Dice doubling by Harriett and Amy

Today for our maths warm up we did a dice game, the point of the game was to practice our doubling skills and warm up for the next task.

“this dice doubling helped me make the shapes easier” Angel

“This task was very easy for me, and it really helped me with the next task” Tiffany

“Its helped me very much with my times tables” Luka

“I think this task would help me when I’m outside of school, like when I’m at the shops or something” Thao

This task was helped a lot of people with the next task, perimeter. We all really enjoyed this task as it was very easy and difficult for different people.

By Harriett and Amy

Laptops and the calendar app!

Afternoon all,

This afternoon we will be trailing the use of your Childs ‘calendar’ as a means of documenting and recording homework tasks that need to be completed.

It’s hoped that your child can work towards documenting and prioritising their time at home and use the calendar to organise what is due and when!

Just as a little heads up….


Tonights homework included documenting 20 ‘things’ that we need to survive and then placing them into the following 5 columns;

1: Love and belonging

2: Freedom

3: Power

4: Fun

5: Survival


Have a wonderful evening,

In Kindness,

Ché, Sara and Nadia

Number Skills and Perimeter, By Anna and Sebastian

Today for our classes numeracy task we learnt about perimeter!

We could get a partner or we could work by ourself, most of us worked with a partner. Our task was to get two dice and roll, we would then have to write the width and the length of the square or rectangle. For example, if we rolled a 6 and a 4 we would do a 6 as the width and 4 as length so it would be a 6 x 4 and the perimeter would be 20 because 4 + 4 + 6 + 6 = 20cm.

“I learnt how to add up area ” Jaida

“I was measuring the length of what I rolled on the dice” Tammy

“We were helping each other” Amy and Harriett

Next time in maths we will be learning how to calculate the area of a shape.

By Anna and Sebastian

Grandpa’s great escape: character profiles by Maddie and Katarina

Our class is creating character profiles for the book that we have been reading called “Grandpa’s Great Escape”. Here are some of our class mates making their profile’s.

Luka (“I liked this task because I got to use my creativity and draw what ever I wanted to.”)

Keira (” I like how we could draw Grandpa and Jack and how we got to write information about them”)

Jayden(” I like this task because it helped me with my creativity to a whole new level.”)

Dalena (” how we got to draw what we think Grandad and Jack looked liked”)

Katarina & Madison (” We liked this task because we both got to make cool character’s it was really fun to do and most of all we got to blog this”)

We hope to post more photos and stories about what we have/will be doing soon!

By Maddie and Katarina

Planning our Prayers, by Dalena and Sophia

Today we have been working on our prayers that we will be using in class.

Each day some students will be presenting prayers, in different formats.

“Our prayer is about being grateful” Abel and Gowtham

“During prayer we will be showing an iMovie about gratefulness” Annie and Sukhi

“For our prayer we are planning on getting students to listen to music and listen to short prayer we have found” Nikki and Kirra

“Our prayer is about thanking God. We’re also going to listen to music” Solomon and Ryan

We have also put together a prayer book that you are free to look at when you visit our class.

By Dalena and Sophia

Laptop workshop Tuesday 27th February 9am

Hi everyone,


Tomorrow (Tuesday 27th Feb) from 9 – 10:30am the school will be running another family workshop about how to use the student laptops. We may cover areas such as:


  • Programs available on the laptop
  • How to save and retrieve data
  • Upload photos
  • General rules about laptop use (i.e. not eating or drinking near devices, appropriate games)

It will be a very practical workshop led by the families and their questions. We are also asking the students to come with their families so students are involved in teaching and explaining ideas to the adults.


The workshop is free and will be held in the Cafe.

We hope the workshop will help you and your child benefit from the use of their laptop at school and at home.


Kind regards,


Ms Pinneri, Mr Murray and Ms Pettet




Clara Learning Powers By Vincent and Ken

During Art today we have been learning about Clara Learning powers. The learning powers include: Creativity, Sense making, Mindful agency, Collaboration, Curiosity, Belonging, Hope and Optimism, and Orientation to Learning. We have been drawing our own logos for one of the Learning Powers.

We will be using Water colors and oil pastels.

“I had a lot of fun creating my logo with the oil pastels and paints” Katarina


“It’s been fun because I have been using my creativity and imagination to design the logo’s” Jaydon

“We were expressive and got to show our thinking by doing the designs” Mathewos

These will be on display in our classroom. Feel free to drop in and have a look.

By Vincent and Ken

Popstick Bridges! By Thao and Annie

The kids has been designing their pop sticks bridges, with there  partners or group. The aim is to make the bridge hold 600 grams only using 50 pop sticks and PVA Glue!

We have to make the length of the bridge 50 centimetres long .


“Designing – Gowtham” “I was helping my friends – Ryan” ” I was working – Xavier “

” I was measuring the pop sticks – Thao” ” Drawing the design – Annie”

“We were seeing how long bridge gonna be – Sukhi” “I was measuring the length of our bridge – Tina”

“Helping designing the bridge – Kirra ” “Building a bridge – Anna” “Trying to plan out bridge what it would look like – Dalena”


Written by Thao and Annie

Numeracy Arrays by Luka and Keira

This morning we have been learning about arrays and what they mean.

Our task is to make the same numbers but with different arrays.

e.g The number 10 has factors of 5, 1, 10 and 2

Here are some of our classmates work what they have found out so far.

“I learnt how to do me timetables” Yanna

“I found out how to make different arrays with 4 and 6” Liam

“I found out so far to make different ways to make arrays” Hannah

By Keira and Luka