Friday, Week 10

Good afternoon all,

How fast has this semester gone!!!

As we reflect on some of the fantastic work we have done over the semester we also experienced some very proud moments. Firstly our start of the year assembly got us off to a fast start, quickly binding the class together. We had a lot of other special achievements; sporting, musical, artistic and some cultural celebrations. We have already been through so much together in just one semester and myself, Dani and Virginia cannot wait for the next one.

We have some fantastic activities, projects and inquiries planned for Term 3 and look forward to getting stuck in when we return. We wish all members of our class and community an enjoyable and relaxing holidays.

Special mention to the DOCK group. This group consists of D (Dani) O (Osi) C (Celine) K (Kristina) all who have birthdays within the July holidays. We hope you all have fantastic days.

(Great photo bomb!)

Wednesday, Week 10

The students came into class today to find BIG changes had occurred to the classroom environment. Mr Pearce and Mrs Higgs were busy this morning moving furniture around and creating new learning spaces and areas for students to work. The feedback from the group was very positive and both teachers and students are excited about the change up.

After some quiet reading time, students came together as a group to work on Numeracy.
As a warm up, they were asked to fill in the missing parts to the table below, based on the 1D, 2D and 3D lines and shapes they created in yesterday’s session.

Ava R found a way to make a rectangular prism with 8 x 1000cm3 cubes.

After a group discussion and modelling the various arrays that could be made with 8 10x10cm squares, students worked with 16 flip tiles to represent how much surface area these 100cm2 shapes would take up. They tabled their information and took photos and screen shots of the various rectangles and squares that could be made and then repeated the task but using wooden cubes instead. Each cube represented the 10x10x10cm cubes that were made yesterday.

After recess, 5HN continued to work on their area and volume task whilst 5DP went to Sport. 5HN then had their turn with Miss Roberts and enjoyed playing a game called ‘End Zone’. This was a modified netball game where a lot of the rules for the game applied.

After lunch, students had their second to last opportunity to work on their advertising task. We then completed a classroom pack up and finished the day by listening to Mrs Higgs read more of our text, ‘The Unlikely Story of Bennelong and Phillip’.

Students learnt about how the arrival of the European settlers brought ‘small pox’ to Australia, wiping out over half of the Eora tribe, as well as how Captain Arthur Phillip and Bennelong came to respect one another and form an unlikely friendship, even though their relationship was littered with trials and tribulations along the way. Will the pair remain friends throughout the rest of the book? We will have to keep reading to find out…

Tuesday, Week 10

We started the day as normal with 15 minutes of independent reading. Students are really enjoying this time and i can see a change in the trend of library borrowing. Students are going for a lot more longer novels as they know they have more time to read them.

After reading we explored 2D and 3D shapes in numeracy focusing on volume and capacity. Students worked through a practical workshop where they were required to collaborate and problem solve. Students used a range of materials to create a 10cm sided 1D shape, 2D shape and 3D shape. They then discussed how these shapes changed in appearance, construction and numerical value. Students then worked to calculate the area/volume of these shapes and discussed how their calculations changed.

After numeracy the classes split from Spanish and Music lessons. Whilst the other group was in class students worked on their RE inquiry (Heroes and Role Models). We are aiming to have this finished by Thursday afternoon. Students also used this time to ensure their iBook page was completed. Carrying on from our personal inquiry on Friday (Catholic Identity Day), we want to start collating the class iBook.

To finish the day we went out for some fitness. Students had the option to use the Oval, Basketball Court or Handball Courts. Before heading out we read some more of the class book we are currently reading. Accompanying our HASS unit that focused on the conflict between European settlers and Indigenous Australians, this book focused on this event.


Monday, Week 10

Welcome to the last week of Term 2! We hope you had a lovely weekend.

We played our last round robin of Speed Ball in Fitness today, finishing with a play off to see which teams would finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The results were:


All teams are to be commended on their teamwork, effort and determination. Fair sportsmanship was also on display, which has been a big focus throughout the first half of the year.

After all the physical exertion, students returned to class to complete their Numeracy investigation. ‘The Block’ Challenge was certainly a task that involved a great deal of problems solving and use of the four operations, and today, most students had the chance to reflect on their findings. They looked back at the area or each room/house and wrote which space was the largest, and then found the difference between the two. They used mental computation to calculate the perimeter and found out how many metres of wall paper each room/house would require. They then found the difference in metres between these two numbers.
Some students reached the extension stage, and completed the following:

After recess, students got into their Literacy groups to work on finalising their HFCS advertising task. GarageBand backing tracks took shape and iMovies were refined and edited to make concise commercials. Some groups went back to make a stronger plan about where they wanted to head for the last few lessons, in order to fully complete the task by the end of this week.

Both classes finished the day with a visit to the Library, where we read the story ‘A Forest’.

Have a great night everyone!

Friday, Week 9 (Catholic Identity Day)

Good morning all,

Today is a very special day for Holy Family as we come together as a community and share our faith together. There are a range of activities that classes are doing today and we are working on creating our class iBook. We started the morning with a short assembly with a welcome message from Father Shibu. We then had a class prayer and students read a wonderful story about the different interpretations of God.

We then continued to work on our class iBook together. Sharing some of the work we have done already first to get the ideas flowing.

We continued to work on their iBooks, some chose to continue the provocation set by Mr. Do and others worked on their heroes and role models task. The emphasis has been placed on reflection throughout the day and their has been spiritual music playing throughout work time. We have also been collating the iMovie that will be the introduction of our class iBook that represents the diversity within our classroom.

At the end of the day we came together as a school to share what we have been working on. There was an iMovie that highlighted some of the tasks and Mr Slater spoke about the successful of the day.

Some specs of gold from the day were:

Zahra – I worked with some new people today and we helped each other to focus.

Shannae and Lily – We enjoyed working together today.

Hiep – We had a fantastic discussion with Mr Do.

Diana – I loved working with my friends today.

Shanthana – I loved playing handball with a new group

Chanell – I asked someone if i could play with them today and they said yes.

Lorraine L – I helped a younger student today when he looked sad.

Lorraine C – We were helping a younger student that fell over.

Dylan – I worked with Hiep today and we worked well together.

Jay – I worked with Brendan today and we worked really well together.

Lily – I helped a younger student today that was upset.

Ava F – Today i realised how we all have our own unique qualities.

Tahlia – Father Shibu said we are all precious in Gods eyes.

Josh and Karlos – We helped a younger student on the oval today who had no one to play with.

Have a peaceful weekend

Thursday, Week 9

Morning all,

A fantastic start to the morning, grabbing a book for some quiet reading with the heaters on.

Students then moved onto finishing their Science inquiry on states of matter. I look forward to seeing these once they are complete. Students also continued to work on their heroes/role models fact file. Some fantastic research was taking place and these are looking excellent.

After recess students worked on their visual/media artwork. Students continued on their individual inquiries exploring programs like Adobe Illustrator, others continued their drawings. Check out some of these:


After lunch student started phase one of our Catholic Identity Project. Page one of their iBook chapter is “This is me”. Students created a fact file/title page that they believe best illustrates their individual traits and qualities, students also included their interests and family. This task will be completed tomorrow when students prepare a second page that details their religious beliefs.

Wednesday, Week 9

REMINDER: We ask if students could bring in some photos (digitally saved) or artefacts that represent their religion and their identity. We are looking at creating a digital iBook that represents all of our students faiths and identities within the classroom.

This morning the students enjoyed getting out into the sunshine to take/collect more photos, interviews and video footage for their advertising task where they are working to promote our school.
At the end of the session we came together as a group to share some of the works in progress so far, viewing Photoshop posters, GarageBand music track and iMovie videos.

Whilst 5DP were at Sport, 5HN presented the last of their HASS expositions. As a teacher, I am proud of the way all students conducted themselves during this task, using their Growth Mindsets to get up in front of their peers and speak with confidence and clarity.

Before home time, we gathered together for payer. We shared the reading of the book ‘In God’s Name’.

Tuesday, Week 9

Morning all,

We started a new Numeracy inquiry this morning that incorporated our work in area and perimeter. Students were given a problem based on the block.

Students finished their practice workshop on irregular shapes that was started yesterday so they were prepared for this inquiry. As seen about there were three modifications to the task to meet the needs of individual students. Students worked hard during the double and most divided up their shapes and started calculating perimeter and area.

Students then split into classes to go to Spanish and Music. Whilst there the other group continued to finish their HASS presentations, spent a lesson on their Numeracy inquiry and spent some time on their RE task. To finish the day students went out for some fitness after we discussed our intentions for the catholic identity day on Friday.

We ask if students could bring in some photos (digitally saved) or artifacts that represent their religion, could they please do so on Friday. We are looking at creating a digital iBook that represents all of our students faiths within the classroom.

Monday, Week 9

Hi everyone,

We hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some sunshine. 🙂
This morning we began our day with Quiet 15 and reading and then headed to the Hall for some much-loved fitness. Teams of red, green, blue and yellow played against each other again in various rounds and we really noticed how the skills and tactics had advanced since last weeks’ session. Students were more vocal at calling for the ball and utilising the space, which made the game more free-flowing.

After fitness we came back to hear Mrs Higgs read the epilogue of our class novel. This book has provided us with almost two terms of enjoyment and we are now on the hunt to find our next text to start reading in Term 3.

Numeracy today focussed on the concept of Measurement. Our warm up demonstrated how to measure the area of irregular shapes by breaking the shape up into smaller rectangles and squares. Students went about finding the perimeter and area of a range of irregular shapes and once again used their multiplication and addition skills in the process. This task will lead into our next Investigation starting tomorrow, which will require similar skills and understandings to complete.

Students then had the opportunity to continue working on their advertising pieces. Most students have opted to create a commercial or poster to promote our school and are working in teams to achieve their desired result. We are looking forward to seeing the ways in which students draw upon the persuasive writing and language techniques that have been the focus of our learning this term.

After lunch, both classes went to the Library and HN also had Spanish with Señora Opazo. DP used the time alone to complete the rest of their HASS presentations.

In library we read a book called ‘In God’s Name’.

Ava F- The book we read today made me realise the differences that we have and how we all think differently.

Jay- This book is different because it talks about all the names people call God.

Zahra – I like the book because I like the way they have different names for God.

Hiep – I like the book because it has information about God and his/her name.

Chanell- I think the book was nice, sweet and shows our differences.


Friday, Week 8

Morning all,

Today’s assembly was presented by our buddies and we looked forward to catching up with them this afternoon to congratulate them and do some reading and fitness with them. We had some fantastic representation in the assembly from our class. We had a group of girls present a dance to honour refugee week. We also had the winner of the Kuyungani Fish Farm sign, which will be printed as a 5 meter sign and placed on the Fish Farm Shed. We also had some representatives that speak Tamil, this was the language of the week, which is mainly spoken in Tamil Nadu, a state in India.

After assembly we focused on numeracy. We continued with another round of the coin game. We believe this game is important because it focuses on money, place value, decimals, addition and subtraction including borrowing. The students find this game engaging and it is challenging all students capabilities.

After recess we continued our HASS presentations. We split the class so we could get through more and the students continued to do a good job. At 12 we swapped to Science and students had some more time to work on their states of matter investigation. This was the last time given for this and students aimed to finish it during class time.

After lunch we met our buddies for some buddy reading and fitness. We congratulated them on a fantastic assembly that really showcased what refugee week is all about and how we come together as a school.

5HN with their Buddies…