Friday, Week 4

The end of the week has come round so fast,

We witnessed a fantastic assembly this morning by 6/7De and Rec/SA, that showcased the use of technology within our school and the future jobs of the students.We then had some fitness before recess.

After recess we started our venture looking at editing photos in CS6. Students were asked to bring in a portrait photo that they could manipulate changing lighting, saturation, contrast etc. Students created a 3×3 grid the encompassed 9 photos with different effects. The results were excellent.

After lunch students had a chance to work on the work that needed to be completed. This ILT time primarily was Numeracy and HASS. All students that were present have their HASS inquiry questions ready for our session with Martin on Monday to start developing a story board for their documentary.

Hope you all have a great weekend! See you all Monday

Thursday, Week 4

Blog Thursday, Week 4


Good morning all,

Art – Tracey Moffat Task

During the first morning session students continued their work on Tracey Moffatt who was showcased in the Art Gallery on Friday.

Students were required to pick two pieces of her work and focus on the story that she is trying to tell and how they interpret it. Students had the choice of how they would like to present their ideas and this will be collected for assessment.

Numeracy – Fractions Workshops

After recess students continued working on their Fraction Workshops introduced last week and due this Friday. This included the Fraction Golf, which was done with partners. Some students worked on ‘Fraction Avenue’, where students had to make a street of houses with particular features; this task could be done in Minecraft.

Positive Education – Wellbeing and Engagement Survey

Students spent the first part of the afternoon session participating in the Wellbeing and Engagement survey. The Wellbeing survey provides an opportunity for students to have a voice. Students answered questions about their social and emotional wellbeing; school relationships and engagement and learning in school; physical health and wellbeing and after school activities.



Just a reminder for students to bring in a portrait (artistic head shot) photo for Fridays Art lesson. They can use a person of their choice.



Wednesday, Week 4

Note: Students will need to take a portrait (artistic head shot) photo for Fridays Art lesson. They can use a person of their choice.

Good morning all,

Today we celebrate the Assumption of Mary as a whole school with 5DP and HN taking the lead. We had numerous students in reading roles, alter servers and part of the processions. Our students were fantastic and enjoyed representing the schools catholic ethos.

This morning students continued to focus on their documentary in HASS. Martin would like the students to have “an angle” by next Monday so he can start helping them construct their story board. The students worked well gathering resources together from the footage of our excursion to support the content within their documentary.

Straight after recess students continued to work on their Hass before heading to the Assumption Mass. Our students were reverent and read very well.

After lunch students focused on the work of Tracey Moffatt who was showcased in the Art Gallery on Friday. Students were required to pick two pieces of her work and focus on the story that she is trying to tell and how they interpret it. Students have the choice of how they would like to present their ideas and this will be collected for assessment.

Note: The due dates tab on Onenote explains the two tasks due this Friday. One is the Numeracy Workshops and the other is the planning for the HASS – documentary.

Tuesday, Week 4

Good afternoon everyone,

We would like to extend a welcome invitation to family and friends to come and celebrate Whole School Mass tomorrow, which 5HN and DP will be hosting. If you can make it we would love to see you at 11:20 am in the Hall.

This morning, some year 3 students came to our class to show us their posters for a fundraising event for Guillan-Barre Syndrome. They will be selling cupcakes for $1, and cookies for 50c. Make sure to bring in some loose change to buy some delicious treats tomorrow at recess time!


With a change of events, we went to Mass Practice before working on our numeracy Fraction Workshops.

We worked on our Fraction Workshops (due this Friday). We worked on our Fraction Golf, which we did with our partners. Some of us worked on our ‘Fraction Avenue’, where we have to make a street of houses with particular features; this task can be done in Minecraft. HN also did this after lunch.

Before recess, 5HN left their laptops at the Spanish room. When 5DP worked on their numeracy, 5HN went to Spanish. In Spanish we worked on our FIFA World Cup mascots for any country.

For our next lesson, HN went to Music whilst DP started their first Guided Reading lesson of the week. They switched books with HN; DP reading what HN read and HN reading what DP read last week. Because we had a relief teacher for music, we played a game of Musical Statues and then a game called ‘Hey, Mister, who am I?’.

After lunch, DP went to music and HN continued on with Numeracy. We finished the session with Ava F and Anyuat sharing their Minecraft streets, showing us how they had followed the task criteria carefully, as well as how to take effective screen shots of the finished avenue, ready for marking.

Then we had a class pack-up and listened to Mr Clark, 5DP’s relief teacher, talk about his family. He told us about his two sons, his wife and grandchildren. He also talked about how he liked teaching because he saw schools as bright places. He talked about his son who lives with him and his other son, Ryan, who lives in America and plays basketball, just like Mr White’s son Isaac.

Once Mr Clark finished his stories, we had free fitness to end the day.

Hope to see everyone at our Mass tomorrow! Have a great night.

Monday, Week 4

Good afternoon everyone,

We would like to extend a welcome invitation to family and friends to come and celebrate Whole School Mass this Wednesday with us, which 5HN and DP will be hosting. If you can make it we would love to see you at 11:20 am in the Hall.

This morning went a little differently to the timetable above, with Mass singing practice being moved to before recess. Students spent the first session in class working on the Fractions Workshops that were introduced last week.

We then went to Mass singing practice.

After recess we were joined again by Martin Pascoe and Matthew Jolly for our History Inquiry. He and Mrs Higgs worked with a small group of students in the Staff Room on recapping the learning that took place on our excursion. After showing the students where all of the photos and videos from the day had been saved for them on the network, they began to think about what angle they wanted their documentary to take. To help clarify thinking, students, Mrs H, Martin and Matthew brainstormed the changes that have occurred in Australia since 1788.

We also talked about some features that they might want to include in their film-making and aspects to   consider.

From this discussion, students then began to look at what aspects of the excursion footage they may want to include in their documentary, as well as plan and decide on a specific angle that they want to present, based on our broad inquiry.

Whilst this was happening, a large group of students remained in class with Miss Roberts to work on finishing the Prior Knowledge Task that was due last Friday. This work was important to complete as it shows where students are already at with their thinking and provides teachers and Martin with baseline data and evidence of learning, when compared with the post assessment that will be completed after this unit of work is complete.

This group then spent some discussion time with Martin, based on the same lines of what occurred in the Staff Room. They came up with the following brainstorm:

After lunch , 5HN attended Spanish and then the Library. 5DP went to the Library and then came back with Miss Roberts to begin reading their new Guided Reading text.

Have a great night everyone.

Thursday, Week 3

Good morning all,

After going through the events of the day, students spent the first session of the morning choosing and prioritizing what tasks they needed to complete.

Independent Learning Time

Week 3 Maths Mini

Guided Reading Rubric Questions

Hass – Prior knowledge task

If students had completed all the tasks for the week they could begin looking at next week’s activities.

Things to work on for next week

Photography artist dot points – Due Monday Tracey Moffatt Inquiry

Numeracy Workshops – Due next Friday

Maths Mini/Guided Reading

Students continued their work from the previous lesson on their Maths Mini and Guided Reading.

Art – Indigenous Art

During Visual Arts today we focused on the theme of ‘Tell me your story’ and ‘yarning’ which is a common tradition amongst indigenous cultures. We worked in groups to promote dialogue and the sharing of our own stories, whilst creating our ‘pavers’ to visually depicted our stories.

Every student will have the opportunity to tell their story by illustrating a paver.  Each paver will be placed in a river that will flow from the front of the school to the new Early Childhood Centre.

This inquiry was a wonderful opportunity for students to use their 100 languages and to work across curriculum as during HASS we have been focusing on Migration stories.

Independent Learning Time

In the afternoon session, students continued with their independent learning.

It was great to see the children working so well today on individual tasks.

Ms Martin and the Ecology Group with the help of Wipe Out and KESAB have assembled and collated the rubbish collected at Holy Family in one day and presented their findings. The spokesperson from KESAB explained that the majority of our waste could be recycled instead of being put in the bin for landfill. She went through and clarified how each of the items collected can be recycled at school and what it can be used for in the future.

Just a reminder that children must wear their full winter uniform for the excursion tomorrow.

Looking forward to a great day!




Wednesday, Week 3

Good afternoon families,

Another busy day was had in 5HN and DP and we are all looking forward to our excursion on Friday.

HASS – History focussed on the students accessing the abundant knowledge they already have surrounding the history of Australia, from pre-colonialisation, to the current day. We presented them with the question below, and worked with the group to delve deeper into what it meant, using a timeline to visualise pre and post 1788.

Students were then free to record their thoughts and knowledge in any way they wanted to, with SimpleMind and FreeMind mind mapping, T-Charts, headings and dot points being popular choices. Once the task began, students realised that they knew so much about the way that the Indigenous people lived off of the land and how they worked together in communities and could also easily state how the environment and the cultural landscape had changed since the arrival of the First Fleet. They will have another opportunity to work on and complete this task tomorrow.

After having our second Maths Mini session, students headed across to the Hall to share in the Saint Mary of the Cross Mass.

In the afternoon we allocated the speaking parts for our Mass next week, which is based on the Assumption of Mary. The following students will be either speaking or processing next Wednesday at 11:20 am for our second Whole School Mass:


Responsorial Psalm

Penitential Rite

First Reading

Prayers of the Faithful

Gospel procession

Lorraine C

For Art the students spent some time researching the artists whose works they will view on Friday. They were given some guiding prompts to help them organise their thinking. They will continue with this research tomorrow.

Parents please note the following learning tasks that are due for the students this week:

Tuesday, Week 3

Good morning all,

We started off the day by introducing our new Numeracy workshops. The students have two workshops to complete that meets a wide range of the capabilities. Task one required students to work together to play fraction golf. This required students to order fractions according to their size. The second task was a creative art task that required students to follow some fraction requirements. Students loved getting a start on both tasks and worked very well.

After recess students split for Spanish and Music. The other group worked on Week 3’s Maths Mini. Maths Mini continues to focus on subtraction with borrowing, long multiplication and BODMAS. These lessons are aimed to provide students with the skills to use within their workshops. The second lesson allowed students to continue to work on their guided reading. The questions from their activity rubric are due this Friday.

To finish the day the students took advantage of a break in the weather and went out for some free fitness on the courts and playground.

Monday, Week 3

Good afternoon everyone,

Please remember that we have our Art Gallery and Museum Excursion this Friday. Fingers crossed for fine weather…

We began the day with some Quiet 15, where students either continued to read their Guided Reading text or work on the tasks associated with GR. After going through the events of the day, we then headed over to the Hall to complete the third week of our Sockey competition. The games were fierce but fair and we now have the results that have accumulated over the last 3 weeks to share with you.

We began our new Class Novel this morning also, which has a special connection with one of our students. The author, Adam Cece is an Adelaide man, who happens to be a friend of the Gallina family and kindly donated the novel to our School Library. The students were excited by this and enjoyed the first 10 pages, getting to know the 3 main characters; Tobias Treachery, Kipp Kindle and Cymphany Chan, who are all primary school-aged friends that attend the local school in Huggabie Falls.

Between recess and lunch we were extremely lucky to welcome Martin Pascoe into our classroom. Martin is a documentary maker and an Indigenous educator, who will be working alongside us over the next 10 weeks.

After introducing himself to the students, Martin showed us one of the documentaries he has made called ‘Symbol of Strength’.

Below are the notes that were taken during our session and the students’ responses to some of the questions that were posed:


The Documentary
Martin produced a documentary called ‘Symbol of Strength’, which was filmed in Adelaide, on Kaurna land. It has been shown all around the world, to many different nations. It explains the significance of the Aboriginal Flag and how it was designed and made in Adelaide in 1971, as well as the importance of the flag to Indigenous people.

Types of camera shots he used:
Piece to camera- talking directly to the camera
Cut aways – when you show signs or symbols of places in the background. They show or help to tell your journey/story.

  • King William Road
  • Aboriginal and Australian flags
  • Haighs Corner
  • Central Markets

Back shot
Front shot
Vox Pops – asking random people on the street a question to gather opinions
Slo-motion –  shots of the flags blowing in the breeze
Voice overs – footage is shot and then voice recording can be completed afterwards, once a script has been written

What did you observe from watching the video without sound?

I saw a lot of the scenery of the city. I notice the two flag poles a lot too. – Jay

He (Martin) went past the Art Gallery and the Museum – Dylan

He was trying to show people of different nations all coming together and how diverse Adelaide is.
– Grace

I showed the Australian flag and the Aboriginal flags apart initially and then I shot them together. I wanted to show them both flying together to show that we are united and that we shouldn’t be seen as one apart from the other. – Martin Pascoe

He looked very happy when he was walking around the city. – David

What did you observe from watching the video with the sound?

 A lot of Aboriginal people are encouraged by their flag, which they didn’t have when the settlers came.
– Dylan

An Aboriginal lady said that “It felt like home” when she looked at the Aboriginal Flag. – Lorraine L

“It’s the single most unifying and uniting symbol belonging to the Aboriginal people.” – Martin, speaking about the significance of the Aboriginal Flag.


Martin explained the meaning of the flag:

Yellow – the sun, protector and giver of life

Red – earth

Black – the people

Martin’s Summary
‘When I first approached the SBS I said I would like to make a piece on the Aboriginal Flag. I didn’t want to make it obvious and I wanted people to know that it was born and created in Adelaide, in Victoria Square.

I chose the title ‘Symbol of Strength’ because I want people to feel positive about the Aboriginal Flag. A flag can represent a whole group of people but really it is us as a society and group pf people that make up a nation. Having both flags in the heart of our city is so important and does not occur anywhere else in Australia. This is my opinion but others may have a different view.’

This was such an informative beginning to the time we will be spending with Martin and and we look forward to utilising his expertise and knowledge when it comes to creating our own films, pursuing HASS lines of Inquiry and developing our photography skills.

To finish the day, both classes went to the Library and read the third CBCA shortlisted book:

Image result for florette book

It contained a great message about ecology and how one person can make a difference by choosing to ‘green up’ an urban landscape by growing potted plants. The illustrations were divine and certainly captivating for the class – our favourite book so far!

Have a great night everyone!


Friday, Week 2

Good morning all,

Some crazy overnight weather left our courtyard flooded limiting some of the play space at recess and lunch, but we were grateful to be able to go out.

We had the first assembly of the term today and we recognised the students who participated in ICAS testing. We had some outstanding achievements from members of our class and continue to encourage students to pursue all avenues of learning.

After assembly we started a new unit in numeracy and started to explore fractions. We brainstormed some ideas about where we see fractions in everyday life and then looked at equally splitting some shapes into fractions.

After recess students continued and finished the introduction task. After this students had ILT (Independent Learning Time). This time allowed students to work on anything they needed to get up to date. There are a range of tasks that are collected at the end of the week, these can be seen on the flipchart below.

Students can update their OneNote at home if needed and work will be assessed on the weekend.

We have another busy week next week with a whole school mass on Wednesday and our excursion on Friday. Stay tuned to the block to see any further information regarding our excursion.

Have a great weekend all