Carols Night – this Friday

Hi everyone,

Carols Night is fast approaching, which is this Friday night in the school hall.

5HN and DP are scheduled to perform at 8:00 pm, but this is just a rough guide. Therefore we are asking that students arrive to meet us at 7:30 pm, outside our classroom. This is the time when Mr Pearce and Mrs Higgs will be present.

Once the group has performed, students will gather outside the classroom again and will need to be signed out by a parent or guardian.

Students will need to come dressed in Christmas inspired clothing (think red, green, white, Xmas Tshirts, earrings, headbands, tinsel, ribbons, Santa hat etc), with enclosed shoes – please no thongs.

We encourage family members to attend as this is a great family event, and one of the last for the year. The students have been busy practicing their items, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Go Bang’ and are eager to perform for you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Higgs and Mr Pearce

Farewell Lorraine

Today was a sad day as we said goodbye to Lorraine C in 5HN. She is leaving us to go to a new school, which will see her through into secondary school in 2-years time.
Lorraine has been a much loved member of our class and we will all miss her kind nature, smile and friendship.
We wish you every success on this new adventure Lorraine and we have loved having you with us at Holy Family since you started in reception. We know that the learning, skills and dispositions you have learnt at HFCS will hold you in good stead for 2019 and beyond.

Please keep in touch!

The students and teachers in 5HN and DP. 


Hi everyone,

We’re back and safe and sound! The last 3 days have been a wonderful experience for students and teachers and were filled with fun, new challenges, experiences and learning.

We’d like to thank the students for being such awesome representatives of our school and congratulate them on their participation, teamwork and cooperation. They were a pleasure to take on camp and reminded us about all that we are going to miss about them when this year comes to an end. 🙁

The staff and instructors available to us at Illawonga were exceptional, providing great food, fun and informative activities and a positive and homely environment. Our bus driver Neville was also fabulous and we also want to extend a BIG thank you to Mr McCarthy for all of his support as the third teacher and fisherman extraordinaire!

Here are a few of the photos that were taken throughout the trip. We hope that they prompt much discussion within your family. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend everyone!

Friday, Week 2

Well done to all students in 5HN and 3MS on a wonderful assembly this morning! We appreciate all of the support that parents and families offered and the students loved seeing all of your faces out there. All of the hard work, sweat and rehearsals paid off and as a group, we could not be prouder of what we were able to achieve together today. We apologise if we made you late for work or if it felt like you’d be watching until Christmas, but we hope you were entertained all the same.

Reflections from the stars themselves…

My role was: HOST
During the assembly I was afraid of going out there and introducing myself so I took a deep breath and walked out and smiled and it turned out I loved it I yelled and made a few mistakes but I did not give up and it turns out I loved it after the first dance I felt good and at the end of the assembly I wanted to do it again by far it was my favourite assembly.

Before the assembly started, I was nervous because I thought I would mess up in my dance or forget my reading part. After the assembly I was proud of myself because I did better than I thought would do. I enjoyed the assembly because we all had part in it and even when we finished, we were still doing something. We spent a lot of time on this assembly and I think it was worth it. I loved the prayer because it was different from any other prayer and some of it shows what we did in class time. The best part of our assembly that stood out was we all used teamwork. We also worked with people we haven’t worked with before and now we know them very well.

Lorraine L
This is my personal reflection for today! Today was our assembly after all the hard effort and work to get the assembly all done. Before the assembly started everybody was excited and nervous, while the assembly was going everyone was getting more confident as it went. While my teammates and I were doing our commercial and dance our friends and audience cheering for us really encouraged us to be happy and keep that smile on our faces. When the assembly ended everyone wanted to do it again and see the buddies more often. We all had our ups and downs but it was all worth it! In the end every one was happy and had a great time!

Refection: buddy assembly

Before: The assembly I was nervous and scared but when I got on stage I wasn’t scared anymore. After: I LOVED our assembly it was very creative and engaging and fun for me. And the music was amazing ad the dances were so good and the trophy looked amazing.

This morning, before the assembly, I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. When the curtains first opened for prayer, I couldn’t see the audience’s faces, but when we turned around and we could see all the faces, I started to get really excited. I enjoyed performing our dance, putting energy into it. Prior to the assembly day itself, I felt really nervous, but when we got on stage to perform, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. All the hard work that came from 5HN and 3MS, in my opinion, really paid off. The assembly went for one hour and ten minutes, but I didn’t really notice the time because of how much I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the time we spent with our buddies, learning more about them as the assembly got closer.

Our Assembly was very creative of thinking to do the Dance Boss as our theme and using our creativity we made amazing dances that showed how brave and confident we are with our talent to show how we can make dances. We all thought different and made unique and talented commercials as well to make our Assembly top notch.

Ava F
I thought that the assembly was probably one of my best ones because it was really fun and all dances had their own personality like bad had a backstreet type of theme and the costume was like you were to be a type person that graffitied on buildings and street allies and all the others had their own type of theme as well. I also enjoyed the finale because even though all the groups were different and all had different personalities, we all showed that we all can work together but still be different but yet became one big team rather than just staying in small groups because this showed we can work as one big team and that’s what I like about the assembly it was all DIFFERENT!

I loved our assembly especially because we got to chorograph our own dance and ad. I was very nervous and excited at the start but after I did my dance I was very confident. Also, with all of the cheering it gave me lots of energy to do more. It was really fun I wish I could do it more often. I think our assembly was very creative and very entertaining with all of the dancing and the music.

At the start of the assembly I was nervous about how the assembly was going to turn out but at the end it was so awesome. The dance was so good and I just love how people loved the assembly and our dance was good, everything about the assembly was good! The group dance was awesome. If I had a chance to do this assembly again I would proudly do it.

I feel like when we all started and got into our groups, we were all very confused and we all didn’t know who we all were. But when we actually started making our dances and bonding, we were all very comfortable and that is how we got to where we are now. We had to use lots of teamwork and patience to get where we are and we also needed to have trust in our group members and classmates. We needed respect to let other people put their input and ideas to make our dances the best we could. My group especially used teamwork to work together to make our dance the first to be done and also to make us very trustful with the teachers and responsible.  Even though it took us a long time to get the final product it was all worth it in the end because we made an enjoyable assembly for the whole school and we got to learn from each other.

Today I was excited because it was my assembly with our buddy class which I was really looking forward to. As soon as I got to school I ran straight to the hall were are assembly is going to be I was inside then Seanna helped me put my wrist ban on then I ran out to go talk to Lorraine and tell her that we are already on stage so I told her and we both ran quickly to the stage then the teachers told us to all sit on the stage and we were like okay so then the teachers told us to go into are spots to start the assembly a minute later they told us to get in our spots so we all did and then 5 minutes later the assembly started and I was really nervous and shaking and had butter fly’s in my tummy I was so excited. After a few minutes It was my turn to do our dance routine we walked on to the stage in our dance positions and then 10 seconds later the song began and are group started to do our dance routine and I was so nervous and excited after a couple of minutes are song finished we went to see what the judges scored us and was happy with what we got. We walked down the stairs off the stage and then we watched the commercial break. The jokes were really funny next team 2 dance was on I enjoyed it then they came for their scores and then they came down the stairs and sat down and then we moved to the next area and then after a few more dances we got on stage and got ready for them to announce the winners. They announced only 5th4th3rdand they had a small commercial break and then they announced the winners and then we got ready for the finale dance which was my favourite during the finale dance my hat fell on to my eyes so I could not see what I was doing then during the boys dance I decided to take my hat off and then it got caught in my hair and got stuck and then my hair went side wards then I quickly chucked my hat on the side of the stage and fixed my hair then we did the last bit of the finale dance then it was the end of the assembly. We did a good job.

Have a well-earned rest over the weekend 5HN and can’t wait to see you all on Monday!


Assembly Invitation

5HN and 3MS are VERY excited to be hosting Assembly tomorrow. Students will be performing a Holy Family version of ‘Dance Boss’ and hope that you can make it along @ 9 am to give all of your support, cheers and encouragement.

To say that the students in both classes have been working hard on this project is an understatement and Mr Stramare, Mrs Nunez and Mrs Higgs could not be prouder of the commitment, enthusiasm, creativity, persistence and teamwork each group has shown to get their dance routine looking sharp and their adverts scripted and prepared.

With rehearsals behind us, it’s now SHOWTIME!! See you nice and early tomorrow HN, dressed in costume with your school uniform packed in your bag to change into after.

Rest up super-stars!

Monday, Week 2

Welcome back to week 2,

What a fantastic spring fair on Sunday, we hope that you enjoyed yourself.

At the end of this week it is HN’s buddy assembly, so they are working hard with their buddies to prepare. Whilst at practice DP started exploring angles in numeracy. We discussed the main angles and how to measure them using a protractor. We spoke about right angles, obtuse and acute angles and made a maze in the class. The task was to code a Sphero to complete the maze by measuring the angles it needs to turn. Students learnt how to measure angles using a protractor and code the Sphero’s. We will continue this task tomorrow.

After recess we had our final session with Martin Pascoe and our HASS documentaries. Students will be showing these on Friday after the buddy assembly.

In the afternoon HN met with there buddies again and DP went to library and worked on their animals inquiry. We are aiming to finish the animal by mid week 3 so we can present it during our assembly.

Good afternoon all.

Week 1 Update

Note: Tomorrow is a casual day in preparation for spring fair. We ask if students could bring a pot plant or potting mix to help the plant stall on Sunday.

Welcome back everyone,

We hope that you had a relaxing and enjoyable holidays. What a busy start to term 4. Spring Fair this weekend means that Friday is a pupil free day while the school is being transformed for the fair. HN and DP have also had a very busy start as we have our assemblies in week 2 and 3 respectively. We have spent many lessons meeting with our buddies and working on our productions.

We have also continued to focus on 24 hour time in numeracy and started to explore directions and mapping skills through open ended inquiry.

These are an example of the types of tasks the students could choose in numeracy. Students were able to choose the level that they believed challenged them and worked to complete it to the best of their ability.

DP has also started an inquiry based on the adaptations that animals have made to survive. Using Mudla as a resource we have a range of animals that we can focus on and get first hand evidence. Students are able to choose an animal and discover the physical and behavioral adaptations that animals have made to survive.


Tuesday, Week 10

Hi everyone,

We are really looking forward to our excursion tomorrow and thank Dylan, Isabella J, Cameron and Grace’s parents for volunteering their time to come with us.

Our trip will start at the new RAH on North Terrace and we will make our way to the Botanic Gardens, taking photos of the cityscape along the way. Nature photos will then be taken at the Botanic Gardens and this experience will support our learning in Technology and The Arts.


9:20 am  Leave school by bus.

9:55         Arrive in the city for recess, near the new RAH

10:15        Start our walk towards the Botanic Gardens
(Stopping to take  photos along the way)

 12:15      Arrive at the Botanic Gardens and eat lunch.

 12:40      Explore the gardens and take photos.

 2:20       Return to Holy Family by bus.

 2:50 pm  Arrive back at Holy Family.


Students need to bring:

  • Wear full sport uniform with school hat preferably
  • Small backpack with recess, fruit, lunch and water
  • Camera/photographic device
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses are advisable

Have a great night and see you all tomorrow 🙂

Monday, Week 10

Good morning everyone,

Leading into the last week, we have a busy week planned. We have our excursion on Wednesday and numerous meetings with our buddies, prepping for our assemblies next term.

Today we started with our last session of MITIOG. We continued to explore the year 5 framework. We may have one more lesson tomorrow afternoon to wrap the unit up.

After recess we continued working on our HASS documentaries. Unfortunately Martin couldn’t make it in today but we may be able to make up that session later this week. To start the lesson we dissected another documentary, focusing on some of the techniques used. This was the students second to last lesson on this task as it is due Monday, Week 2. We plan on sharing all of our documentaries on this day with Martin.

After lunch we split and HN went to spanish while DP went to library. After this HN met with their buddies and DP worked on their Literacy. The Shaun Tan author study “The Lost Thing” is due at the end of this week.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, Week 9

*Students remember to bring in an object for photography tomorrow.

Good afternoon all,

Numeracy – Time Inquiry

After going through the events of the day, students spent the first session of the morning continuing to work on their Numeracy Investigation regarding “Time”. Students graphed the information they had collated from the previous numeracy lesson. They needed to record averages for each of the runners and plot this information in a table.

After recess we focused on HASS – Government

Students brainstormed their definition of “What is a government?” This led to a discussion regarding the different tiers of government in Australia and “What is democracy?” Students then had the opportunity to choose one area they would like to research.

Inquiry options:

  • Telling the story of the Australian Democracy. Students create their own Timeline highlighting the main events that led to democracy in Australia.
  • Who represents you in your local electorate?

Before lunch students went out for some free Fitness

In the afternoon session, we had Visual Arts – focusing on The City of Salisbury Christmas Card Design Competition

Students were encouraged to participate in the City of Salisbury Christmas Card Design Competition. The Salisbury Council has invited students to participate in this special Christmas card design competition. The winning design will be used on The City of Salisbury Christmas Cards with special credit given to the artist!

*Just a reminder that children can wear Cultural Clothing, Red or School Uniform on Friday 21st September for the Moon Lantern Celebrations.

*We also have a shared lunch tomorrow. We ask students to bring lunch (savory preferred) a reusable plate, fork/spoon. We aim to have zero litter from this shared lunch and we will wash plates and return them home with students. If you plan to bring in hot food aim for 12-12:15. We will begin eating around 12:20.