Wednesday, Week 1

After a fantastic first day back, we continued learning about each other. Students finished the two truths, one lie task, with HN having some time to present while DP was at Spanish. We plan to present some more on Friday. Both classes experienced their first PE lesson of the year and all the reports were positive.

Later in the day the students had the opportunity to learn more about us. Both Dani and myself presented our letters to the students. We managed to answer most of the questions that the students asked us. It is now the students turn to write back to us. This gives us the chance to learn more about each member of the classroom, whilst looking at their spelling, grammar and sentence structure. We aim to have a handwritten draft completed by Thursday afternoon and a final copy presented on the computer by the end of the week. In the final copy, students can include photos of their pets, favourite sports and foods etc.

We cant wait to read all of these!!!

With our Assembly fast approaching in Week 3, we will soon turn our focus to preparing for that.

Stay Tuned

Mr. Pearce and Mrs. Higgs

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