Thursday, Week 2

Another hot day! Unfortunately students were inside for recess and lunch again, but we did manage to fit 20 minutes of fitness before recess.

We started off the day with a literacy task. Creative Writing gives the students an opportunity to use their imagination and express themselves through text. Today’s theme was “A door to my ideal world”. The below picture was placed on the screen and the students were given the freedom to write. Some decided to use their books, others used their laptops.

All work was collected at the end of the lesson, with some students adding “To be continued” as they wished to add more.

Alyna’s Story

Osi’s Story Part 1

Osi’s Story Part 2

Diana’s Story

Yshi’s Story Part 1

Yshi’s Story Part 2

Yshi’s Story Part 3

Jay’s Story

Lily’s Story Part 1

Lily’s Story Part 2

There were many more i could share, i encourage you to ask you children to share. They were all fantastic.

After recess we broke off into smaller groups. 15 students went to work on the Vietnamese dance for our assembly with Mrs Hong. Another group of students went to choir, and gather information about the practices and the performance. We also had a small group of students Alter serve for the 6/7 Mass today. The remainder of the students worked ahead on our assembly. Working to finish their country inquiry, ready for the iMovie.

Vietnamese Dancers

Amiti, Diana, Celine, Chanelle, Skye, Lily, Grace, Zahra, Lorraine L, Emma, Khoi, Hayden, Hiep, David and Khoi


Amiti, Diana, Isabella R, Ann-Maria, Shanthana, Chanelle, Lorraine L, Lily, Deepthi, Imogen and Skye

After lunch those 15 students continued to work with Mrs Hong. The rest of the group did Art. Students made ‘lucky envelopes’ which is a custom linked to the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year. In Spanish students explored the meaning behind the ‘lucky envelops’. Using origami techniques students constructed the envelopes and then decorated them using relevant symbols or pictures.

Despite the heat another fantastic day!!

Daniel & Virginia


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