Friday, Week 2

**REMINDER: Students are allowed to wear their Sports Uniform during next week to assist with our Assembly practices and dance.

Numeracy – Data Investigation

Students accessed the link below and completed a data collection online task.
After surveying, tallying, tabling, graphing and analysing in the site, students were asked to develop their own survey questions to ask 30 peers.

Some of the questions students are choosing to investigate are:

Marco – What is your favourite laptop game?
Deepthi – Who is your favourite author?
Cameron – What class pet would you like?
Zahra – What excursion do you want to go on?
Ava F – Who is your favourite artist?
Lily- What is your favourite type of slime?
Arifah – What is your favourite subject?

Next week they will get the chance to conduct a survey, table, graph and analyse the information.

Assembly Preparation
After another lunch spent inside, students spent the afternoon involved in various tasks related to getting our Assembly organised.
15 students went to the Hall with Mrs Hong again to continue learning their traditional Vietnamese dance.

Back in class, individuals and small groups continued to research the origins, myths and traditions associated with the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year and what they record and discover will then be incorporated into our script.

Mr McCarthy paid us a visit with a delivery of fish for our tank. We are very excited to have 3 new class pets who are nameless at this stage…


Image result for billy g's gourmet cookie dough

This year’s fundraiser for Spring Fair is Billy G Cookie Dough. These cookies are delicious, easy to bake and great for lunch boxes. A fun activity to do with the whole family. Please find below information and the link to the Holy Family Catholic School online shop where you can place your orders.  Once you order, please remember to print your order off and return back to the school.
An order form will also be sent home for each family.  Please complete this form and return to the school with payment if you don’t wish to order online.

Orders will need to be completed by Friday 16 March 2018 with collection on 11 April 2018. 

Thank you for your support.   Happy baking! 


Billy G’s is an Australian family owned and operated business using very special recipes and quality ingredients for that homestyle taste.

 There are ten (10) delicious flavours to choose. Each 1kg tub sells for $14-$16. It represents extremely good value at only $0.35 – $0.40 per 25g cookie.

You have been issued with a Billy G’s Cookie Dough order form that will assist you in collecting orders from family, friends & neighbours. You can either place your order by returning the order form and money back to us or you can place your order online.

Please remember, if you place your order online, you MUST complete and return the order form back to us for processing.

The cookie dough can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 4 weeks or in your freezer for up to 12 months from manufacturing date. You can thaw out and re-freeze. Stock up! It’s only available through fundraising and not sold in stores!

We also have a fantastic prize program available should you sell or purchase one or more tubs. We hope you purchase at least one tub or more to help us reach our fundraising goal.

Happy fundraising, and thank you in advance for your support!



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