Tuesday, Week 6

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Today the students started with some numeracy workshops. We expanded on the principal from yesterday where students work in groups to solve worded money problems. These workshops allowed students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of decimals, vertical addition and subtraction and certain levels of multiplication and division. We worked in three main groups providing students with butchers paper to share.

The process was Think -> Pair -> Share. Students first attempted to complete the problem in their book, they then shared their understanding with a partner and finally come together as a group to document it on the butchers paper explaining their solution to the group. This worked really well and the students were able to collaborate and solve some in depth questions.

Some examples of their sharing is below:

After Numeracy, half the group went to Spanish and Music while the other half worked on a creative comprehension task that focused on media art skills. This task allowed students to familiarise themselves with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, which they will be using during their Literacy/Digital media project. Mr. Hummel read the students a poem called “The Jabberwockey”. Students listened to this poem and the descriptions of the main characters and then created a digital image of what they thought the character looked like. The three characters to choose from were: The Jabberwockey, The Jub Jub Bird and The Bandersnatch. Here are some examples of their creations.


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