Thursday, Week 6

Morning all,

With rain looking on the cards we hoped to get out for fitness today at 10:30, if not we will plan a brain break in the classroom. This morning students continued to explore the colonisation of Australia. Focusing particularly on the conflict between European settlers and Indigenous Australians. Students finalised their timelines they were working on last week and picked a particular event in the conflict History. Students then researched a major event (stolen generation, voting right battles, murders and injustice). With this research students are going to write and present an exposition. Their topic will be “Why we need to reconcile with Indigenous Australians”. We will aim for students to present their expositions to the class towards the end of next week.

After recess, students explored a mystery substance in Science. Before starting their investigation, students documented their thoughts on the slimy substance and then hypothesised what they thought will happen. Whilst conducting the practical, students took notes on the reactions of the substance and then formed a practical report. In the report students discussed how the slimy substance changed in state and compared it with another substance they had to research.

After lunch, students had the chance to explore Adobe Illustrator. This is a vector drawing tool on their laptops, used to render and create a range of digital media. Students were provided with some starter examples and a couple of tutorials, and given the opportunity to explore the program and create something of their choice.

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