Friday, Week 6

Morning all,

A day before the long weekend we attempted to wrap up some of the work we have been doing this week. After assembly students finalised their Hass research and started writing their exposition. Their exposition focused “Why should we reconcile with Indigenous Australians”. Students worked on their draft and all created a plan. Next week they will be presenting their expositions to the class. We look forward to the insights the children will provide, as they will be drawing on historical events to argue their point.

After recess students concluded their worded workshops on money. They worked on a range of leveled flipchart’s that challenged their individual abilities. We also had a breakout group that focused on borrowing in vertical subtraction. We will continue to investigate money next week.

After lunch students had some more time to finish their science report from yesterday. The investigation of the mysterious substance was written up as a practical report with some research questions comparing it to Oobleck. Some examples of the students finished work are below.

We finished the day with some fitness. The students played a modified game of chain tag. A fun and active way to finish the day.


Have a happy and safe long weekend everyone.

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