Tuesday, Week 7

Returning after a long weekend, we hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing break.


First up this morning students started a Science Inquiry. Linking with the focus of states of matter, students were required to explore changes of state that occur naturally in the environment. Some examples given were; the water cycle, volcanoes, how diamonds form etc. Students then investigated the process of how these natural materials change between the states.

During our single lessons students worked on a Numeracy Inquiry. This inquiry focused on the skills of budgeting with the connection to charities and mission. Students were required to budget, calculating the costs and revenue of their given charity and then work out some related questions. The math focused on vertical addition including decimals, vertical subtraction including decimals and borrowing, calculating area and perimeter in an interior design problem and some students worked out taxes using percentages. Students will finish this task Wednesday afternoon.

To finish the day when the class regrouped we utilized a patch of dry weather and went out for some fitness. Students had the option to play a game on the oval, play basketball on the courts or handball in the courtyard.

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