Thursday, Week 7

Tomorrow we’ll be having a Shared Lunch to farewell our student teacher, Mr Hummel. Mr H has been with us for almost 5 weeks and has done a wonderful job. We will miss him when he leaves.

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We ask that everyone brings a plate of savoury food to share or if dessert is a specialty, that would also be very welcome. The lunch will begin at 12:15 so if hot food needs to be brought in, anytime from 12 noon would be fine. Parents are welcome to join us also.


Good morning all,

We started the morning with a quiet 15 and students used this time to catch up on some of their library books.

After quiet 15 student had their final lesson working on their Hass exposition. Students finished off their research and prepared to present after assembly tomorrow. Mr Hummel detailed the marking criteria so students could add some extra detail before tomorrow.

After recess students continued to explore different forms of Art. Senora prepared a task that allowed students to either use their pencil skills or digital media to create a cartoon character of their choosing.

After lunch students finalised their comparison of charities mission statements and the work of Jesus in the scripture. When complete students will be able to articulate on how current day charities support the mission of Jesus. We will then narrow our focus and look at individual missionaries next week. Comparing them to other current day role models.

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