Friday, Week 8

Morning all,

Today’s assembly was presented by our buddies and we looked forward to catching up with them this afternoon to congratulate them and do some reading and fitness with them. We had some fantastic representation in the assembly from our class. We had a group of girls present a dance to honour refugee week. We also had the winner of the Kuyungani Fish Farm sign, which will be printed as a 5 meter sign and placed on the Fish Farm Shed. We also had some representatives that speak Tamil, this was the language of the week, which is mainly spoken in Tamil Nadu, a state in India.

After assembly we focused on numeracy. We continued with another round of the coin game. We believe this game is important because it focuses on money, place value, decimals, addition and subtraction including borrowing. The students find this game engaging and it is challenging all students capabilities.

After recess we continued our HASS presentations. We split the class so we could get through more and the students continued to do a good job. At 12 we swapped to Science and students had some more time to work on their states of matter investigation. This was the last time given for this and students aimed to finish it during class time.

After lunch we met our buddies for some buddy reading and fitness. We congratulated them on a fantastic assembly that really showcased what refugee week is all about and how we come together as a school.

5HN with their Buddies…



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