Monday, Week 9

Hi everyone,

We hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some sunshine. 🙂
This morning we began our day with Quiet 15 and reading and then headed to the Hall for some much-loved fitness. Teams of red, green, blue and yellow played against each other again in various rounds and we really noticed how the skills and tactics had advanced since last weeks’ session. Students were more vocal at calling for the ball and utilising the space, which made the game more free-flowing.

After fitness we came back to hear Mrs Higgs read the epilogue of our class novel. This book has provided us with almost two terms of enjoyment and we are now on the hunt to find our next text to start reading in Term 3.

Numeracy today focussed on the concept of Measurement. Our warm up demonstrated how to measure the area of irregular shapes by breaking the shape up into smaller rectangles and squares. Students went about finding the perimeter and area of a range of irregular shapes and once again used their multiplication and addition skills in the process. This task will lead into our next Investigation starting tomorrow, which will require similar skills and understandings to complete.

Students then had the opportunity to continue working on their advertising pieces. Most students have opted to create a commercial or poster to promote our school and are working in teams to achieve their desired result. We are looking forward to seeing the ways in which students draw upon the persuasive writing and language techniques that have been the focus of our learning this term.

After lunch, both classes went to the Library and HN also had Spanish with Señora Opazo. DP used the time alone to complete the rest of their HASS presentations.

In library we read a book called ‘In God’s Name’.

Ava F- The book we read today made me realise the differences that we have and how we all think differently.

Jay- This book is different because it talks about all the names people call God.

Zahra – I like the book because I like the way they have different names for God.

Hiep – I like the book because it has information about God and his/her name.

Chanell- I think the book was nice, sweet and shows our differences.


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