Wednesday, Week 9

REMINDER: We ask if students could bring in some photos (digitally saved) or artefacts that represent their religion and their identity. We are looking at creating a digital iBook that represents all of our students faiths and identities within the classroom.

This morning the students enjoyed getting out into the sunshine to take/collect more photos, interviews and video footage for their advertising task where they are working to promote our school.
At the end of the session we came together as a group to share some of the works in progress so far, viewing Photoshop posters, GarageBand music track and iMovie videos.

Whilst 5DP were at Sport, 5HN presented the last of their HASS expositions. As a teacher, I am proud of the way all students conducted themselves during this task, using their Growth Mindsets to get up in front of their peers and speak with confidence and clarity.

Before home time, we gathered together for payer. We shared the reading of the book ‘In God’s Name’.

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