Friday, Week 9 (Catholic Identity Day)

Good morning all,

Today is a very special day for Holy Family as we come together as a community and share our faith together. There are a range of activities that classes are doing today and we are working on creating our class iBook. We started the morning with a short assembly with a welcome message from Father Shibu. We then had a class prayer and students read a wonderful story about the different interpretations of God.

We then continued to work on our class iBook together. Sharing some of the work we have done already first to get the ideas flowing.

We continued to work on their iBooks, some chose to continue the provocation set by Mr. Do and others worked on their heroes and role models task. The emphasis has been placed on reflection throughout the day and their has been spiritual music playing throughout work time. We have also been collating the iMovie that will be the introduction of our class iBook that represents the diversity within our classroom.

At the end of the day we came together as a school to share what we have been working on. There was an iMovie that highlighted some of the tasks and Mr Slater spoke about the successful of the day.

Some specs of gold from the day were:

Zahra – I worked with some new people today and we helped each other to focus.

Shannae and Lily – We enjoyed working together today.

Hiep – We had a fantastic discussion with Mr Do.

Diana – I loved working with my friends today.

Shanthana – I loved playing handball with a new group

Chanell – I asked someone if i could play with them today and they said yes.

Lorraine L – I helped a younger student today when he looked sad.

Lorraine C – We were helping a younger student that fell over.

Dylan – I worked with Hiep today and we worked well together.

Jay – I worked with Brendan today and we worked really well together.

Lily – I helped a younger student today that was upset.

Ava F – Today i realised how we all have our own unique qualities.

Tahlia – Father Shibu said we are all precious in Gods eyes.

Josh and Karlos – We helped a younger student on the oval today who had no one to play with.

Have a peaceful weekend

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