Monday, Week 10

Welcome to the last week of Term 2! We hope you had a lovely weekend.

We played our last round robin of Speed Ball in Fitness today, finishing with a play off to see which teams would finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The results were:


All teams are to be commended on their teamwork, effort and determination. Fair sportsmanship was also on display, which has been a big focus throughout the first half of the year.

After all the physical exertion, students returned to class to complete their Numeracy investigation. ‘The Block’ Challenge was certainly a task that involved a great deal of problems solving and use of the four operations, and today, most students had the chance to reflect on their findings. They looked back at the area or each room/house and wrote which space was the largest, and then found the difference between the two. They used mental computation to calculate the perimeter and found out how many metres of wall paper each room/house would require. They then found the difference in metres between these two numbers.
Some students reached the extension stage, and completed the following:

After recess, students got into their Literacy groups to work on finalising their HFCS advertising task. GarageBand backing tracks took shape and iMovies were refined and edited to make concise commercials. Some groups went back to make a stronger plan about where they wanted to head for the last few lessons, in order to fully complete the task by the end of this week.

Both classes finished the day with a visit to the Library, where we read the story ‘A Forest’.

Have a great night everyone!

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