Tuesday, Week 10

We started the day as normal with 15 minutes of independent reading. Students are really enjoying this time and i can see a change in the trend of library borrowing. Students are going for a lot more longer novels as they know they have more time to read them.

After reading we explored 2D and 3D shapes in numeracy focusing on volume and capacity. Students worked through a practical workshop where they were required to collaborate and problem solve. Students used a range of materials to create a 10cm sided 1D shape, 2D shape and 3D shape. They then discussed how these shapes changed in appearance, construction and numerical value. Students then worked to calculate the area/volume of these shapes and discussed how their calculations changed.

After numeracy the classes split from Spanish and Music lessons. Whilst the other group was in class students worked on their RE inquiry (Heroes and Role Models). We are aiming to have this finished by Thursday afternoon. Students also used this time to ensure their iBook page was completed. Carrying on from our personal inquiry on Friday (Catholic Identity Day), we want to start collating the class iBook.

To finish the day we went out for some fitness. Students had the option to use the Oval, Basketball Court or Handball Courts. Before heading out we read some more of the class book we are currently reading. Accompanying our HASS unit that focused on the conflict between European settlers and Indigenous Australians, this book focused on this event.


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