Wednesday, Week 10

The students came into class today to find BIG changes had occurred to the classroom environment. Mr Pearce and Mrs Higgs were busy this morning moving furniture around and creating new learning spaces and areas for students to work. The feedback from the group was very positive and both teachers and students are excited about the change up.

After some quiet reading time, students came together as a group to work on Numeracy.
As a warm up, they were asked to fill in the missing parts to the table below, based on the 1D, 2D and 3D lines and shapes they created in yesterday’s session.

Ava R found a way to make a rectangular prism with 8 x 1000cm3 cubes.

After a group discussion and modelling the various arrays that could be made with 8 10x10cm squares, students worked with 16 flip tiles to represent how much surface area these 100cm2 shapes would take up. They tabled their information and took photos and screen shots of the various rectangles and squares that could be made and then repeated the task but using wooden cubes instead. Each cube represented the 10x10x10cm cubes that were made yesterday.

After recess, 5HN continued to work on their area and volume task whilst 5DP went to Sport. 5HN then had their turn with Miss Roberts and enjoyed playing a game called ‘End Zone’. This was a modified netball game where a lot of the rules for the game applied.

After lunch, students had their second to last opportunity to work on their advertising task. We then completed a classroom pack up and finished the day by listening to Mrs Higgs read more of our text, ‘The Unlikely Story of Bennelong and Phillip’.

Students learnt about how the arrival of the European settlers brought ‘small pox’ to Australia, wiping out over half of the Eora tribe, as well as how Captain Arthur Phillip and Bennelong came to respect one another and form an unlikely friendship, even though their relationship was littered with trials and tribulations along the way. Will the pair remain friends throughout the rest of the book? We will have to keep reading to find out…

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