Tuesday, Week 2

Good morning all,

This morning we had 6 students doing the ICAS English test. We wish them all the best.

This morning students continued to work on their English response questions to the Rabbits book. These questions required the students to inference and analyse the text. Students added these responses to their OneNote document allowing them the flexibility to add pictures from their book and label them whilst responding to the questions.

After recess students broke for Spanish and Music. Whilst half the group attending specialist lessons the other group worked for a lesson on their guided reading and the other lesson on their numeracy workshops. The students have one more double on Thursday to complete the workshops which will be collected Friday. In guided reading, some students continued to read their books, others were finished and working on their rubric of activities. We aim to finish the first rotation of guided reading by the end of week three.

We finished the day with some Fitness in the afternoon. Students were given the freedom to choose their activity and learn through play.

With numerous notes being handed out yesterday afternoon, we encourage students to get their notes back ASAP. Our excursion to the Art Gallery & Museum needs to be back by Tuesday, Week 3. We encourage students to get their photography satchels back before school photos on Tuesday, Week 5 (21st August) and any parents interested in attending the Made in the Image of God (parent information session), this session can answer a lot of questions you may have.

Happy Tuesday

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