Wednesday, Week 2

Hi everyone,

Thank you to those students who have already returned their Art Gallery/Museum Excursion note. Please keep sending them in. 🙂
We are also grateful for the support of Lily, Jineet, Grace and Cameron’s parents, who have kindly volunteered to come along and support us on the day. If you have a current Police Check and have completed a Volunteer Induction and would like to come along, it’s not too late – the more the merrier!

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! We filled out the calendar for the new month and there is a lot to look forward to.

First up, students were presented with an Inquiry, based on the text ‘The Rabbits’, and using their own understanding historical understanding of the colonisation of Australia.

This task really challenged most of the class, as it required them to re-read the text to look for statements that John Marsden used to signify the hardship that the Indigenous Australians and the environment endured as a result of the arrival of the First Fleet. Using inferencing skills and going deeper into the meaning behind the text to describe the problems and make connections with one event and its consequences is new learning for our class and really put their critical thinking skills to the test.

Below are some ideas that were modelled to the group, to help get them started. This analysis will be continued on Friday.

Guided Reading saw the teachers listen to our 3rd group of students read individually, being the ‘Competent Comprehenders’. The name of each of our groups come from the reading traits that we are working to instil in each our students, and are focus areas for discussion during 1:1 reading time.


In Maths Mini in 5HN, students engaged with new learning, with the number tasks that each group worked through outlined below. Many students wanted to carry on with this learning at home, which was great to see.



Multiplying by 1 digit


Multiplying by 2 digits


Solving algebraic equations where there is an unknown quantity

In the afternoon session, we continued on our journey into photography by looking at ways to get students’ work viewed and appreciated by an audience.

Class Brainstorm:

Introducing the idea of running and ‘Class Company’:

Mindmap brainstorm – What jobs will we need to run our company?

Follow up task:

Such a busy and mind-bending day! We hope you have a great night everyone.

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