Thursday, Week 2

Good afternoon all,

Thank you to those students who have already returned their Art Gallery/Museum Excursion note. Please keep sending them in. 🙂

We began our day with Quiet 15 and Guided Reading. Students worked on their Guided Reading and questions.

Photography Provocation

Students continued their work from the previous lesson on their Photography Provocation focusing on – What jobs/tasks need to be performed in order to run our company successfully?

We took the students input from Wednesdays lesson and placed it into a mind map. We discussed in detail what jobs are needed for our Photography company and the skills associated with these occupations.

In groups of 4, students had to answer questions about the occupations which were identified and what personal skills and abilities are needed to be successful within each of these jobs. Students had to research the jobs that were highlighted as needed for the class company. They needed to write job descriptions that outlined what qualities and skills are needed if applying for these jobs. Students were able to identify which character strengths they thought were most important for each job. These are a list of the jobs that the children researched:

Group 1 – Website Designer

Group 2- Merchandise

Group 3 – Accountant

Group 4 – Data Collector/Analyst

Group 5 – Advertiser/Designer

Group 6 – Bloggers

Group 7 – Film/Documentary Maker

Group 8 -Journalists

Group 9 – Interior Designers

It was great to see the children working together in their groups and each contributing to discussions regarding what qualities are needed for each job.

In Maths Mini students continued on from Tuesdays lesson focusing on: subtraction, long multiplication and algebra. Students worked really well during this session

During Visual Arts, we focused on Anime drawing, many students in the class have expressed an interest in this art form. Anime drawing is a fascinating art form that many professional animators use online, on TV and in video games. Anime, a word for Japanese animation, includes comics called Manga with fictional characters that exaggerate the human form.

The characters are very expressive and therefore have large wide eyes, hair that stands out and either tiny mouths or mouths that are wide open to express feelings. Students had the opportunity to practice anime drawing techniques focusing on anime faces and hairstyles.

Just a reminder that children can wear Casual clothes on Friday 3 August by bringing in a Gold Coin Donation. Also, in the lead up to this weekends’ Showdown, show your true colours tomorrow by donning the scarf of your favourite team! In the name of fun and friendly banter.

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