Friday, Week 2

Good morning all,

Some crazy overnight weather left our courtyard flooded limiting some of the play space at recess and lunch, but we were grateful to be able to go out.

We had the first assembly of the term today and we recognised the students who participated in ICAS testing. We had some outstanding achievements from members of our class and continue to encourage students to pursue all avenues of learning.

After assembly we started a new unit in numeracy and started to explore fractions. We brainstormed some ideas about where we see fractions in everyday life and then looked at equally splitting some shapes into fractions.

After recess students continued and finished the introduction task. After this students had ILT (Independent Learning Time). This time allowed students to work on anything they needed to get up to date. There are a range of tasks that are collected at the end of the week, these can be seen on the flipchart below.

Students can update their OneNote at home if needed and work will be assessed on the weekend.

We have another busy week next week with a whole school mass on Wednesday and our excursion on Friday. Stay tuned to the block to see any further information regarding our excursion.

Have a great weekend all

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