Thursday, Week 3

Good morning all,

After going through the events of the day, students spent the first session of the morning choosing and prioritizing what tasks they needed to complete.

Independent Learning Time

Week 3 Maths Mini

Guided Reading Rubric Questions

Hass – Prior knowledge task

If students had completed all the tasks for the week they could begin looking at next week’s activities.

Things to work on for next week

Photography artist dot points – Due Monday Tracey Moffatt Inquiry

Numeracy Workshops – Due next Friday

Maths Mini/Guided Reading

Students continued their work from the previous lesson on their Maths Mini and Guided Reading.

Art – Indigenous Art

During Visual Arts today we focused on the theme of ‘Tell me your story’ and ‘yarning’ which is a common tradition amongst indigenous cultures. We worked in groups to promote dialogue and the sharing of our own stories, whilst creating our ‘pavers’ to visually depicted our stories.

Every student will have the opportunity to tell their story by illustrating a paver.  Each paver will be placed in a river that will flow from the front of the school to the new Early Childhood Centre.

This inquiry was a wonderful opportunity for students to use their 100 languages and to work across curriculum as during HASS we have been focusing on Migration stories.

Independent Learning Time

In the afternoon session, students continued with their independent learning.

It was great to see the children working so well today on individual tasks.

Ms Martin and the Ecology Group with the help of Wipe Out and KESAB have assembled and collated the rubbish collected at Holy Family in one day and presented their findings. The spokesperson from KESAB explained that the majority of our waste could be recycled instead of being put in the bin for landfill. She went through and clarified how each of the items collected can be recycled at school and what it can be used for in the future.

Just a reminder that children must wear their full winter uniform for the excursion tomorrow.

Looking forward to a great day!




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