Monday, Week 4

Good afternoon everyone,

We would like to extend a welcome invitation to family and friends to come and celebrate Whole School Mass this Wednesday with us, which 5HN and DP will be hosting. If you can make it we would love to see you at 11:20 am in the Hall.

This morning went a little differently to the timetable above, with Mass singing practice being moved to before recess. Students spent the first session in class working on the Fractions Workshops that were introduced last week.

We then went to Mass singing practice.

After recess we were joined again by Martin Pascoe and Matthew Jolly for our History Inquiry. He and Mrs Higgs worked with a small group of students in the Staff Room on recapping the learning that took place on our excursion. After showing the students where all of the photos and videos from the day had been saved for them on the network, they began to think about what angle they wanted their documentary to take. To help clarify thinking, students, Mrs H, Martin and Matthew brainstormed the changes that have occurred in Australia since 1788.

We also talked about some features that they might want to include in their film-making and aspects to   consider.

From this discussion, students then began to look at what aspects of the excursion footage they may want to include in their documentary, as well as plan and decide on a specific angle that they want to present, based on our broad inquiry.

Whilst this was happening, a large group of students remained in class with Miss Roberts to work on finishing the Prior Knowledge Task that was due last Friday. This work was important to complete as it shows where students are already at with their thinking and provides teachers and Martin with baseline data and evidence of learning, when compared with the post assessment that will be completed after this unit of work is complete.

This group then spent some discussion time with Martin, based on the same lines of what occurred in the Staff Room. They came up with the following brainstorm:

After lunch , 5HN attended Spanish and then the Library. 5DP went to the Library and then came back with Miss Roberts to begin reading their new Guided Reading text.

Have a great night everyone.

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