Friday, Week 5

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Friday in 5HN and DP!

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Assembly this morning was a real blast, seeing all of the Staff and students dressed up for our Book Week celebrations. Mrs Martin/Mrs Henderson’s Year 6/7s and Mrs Nicosia’s Year 1’s hosted a great Assembly that showcased a lot of the short-listed CBCA picture books.

It was wonderful to see so many students in 5HN and DP get involved in dressing up for the occasion. Check out some of these happy snaps…

After the Assembly fun, students returned to class to work on any outstanding tasks that they had left to complete. Today the 2 tasks due were:

All but a handful of students made the best use of their time to achieve these goals and then it was Fitness time with Mrs Pinneri. It was such a beautiful time out on the oval in the sunshine and it was a good opportunity for the students to socialise and let off some steam after what has been a very busy week.

Around midday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from professional illustrator, Lauren Mullinder. She is a friend of Mrs Pinneri’s who has illustrated a number of books, including ‘I Hate Rules’, which she read to us to begin the time that she spent with us.

After the reading, Lauren showed us some sketches that she completed in order to illustrate this picture book. Her publisher sends her a script of the text to be illustrated and then Lauren takes the script and sketches out a range of thumbnail sketches. Storyboarding comes next, which then gets sent to her publisher. Refining of sketches then happens, where the images are no longer ‘blobs on sticks’, with the characters drawn with expression and in more detail. Once changes and edits are made, the final layout is decided on.

Then it was the students’ turn to have a go at drawing! They learnt how to draw a person in proportion and worked with Lauren to add detail to the head and face. The students demonstrated a growth mindset and found the task a great challenge. We thank Lauren for her time and share her website with you if you would like to take a further look at her amazing work.

We hope everyone has an amazing weekend and can get out and enjoy the sunshine!

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