Monday, Week 6

This morning began with Maths Mini, which focussed on creating flags split into various fractional parts. Students accessed the game below and recorded their creations into their graph book.


Before recess, students were excited to finally get the chance to play the final round of ‘Soccey’. We made the playing space larger and had 4 games in total with 7v8, 5v6, 3v4 and 1v2 playing off against each other, with an audience comprised of those that weren’t playing at the time. Well done to Group 6, who were the ultimate Soccey champions for 2018!

Team 6 – the winners!

After recess, Martin Pascoe was back to support the students with their learning in History. He took a group of students outside on the deck, who showed him the storyboards they had created for their documentary.

Prior to this, Mr Pearce stimulated a discussion surrounding introduced species, by showing an example of a food web. In this Science discussion, students learnt about primary and secondary consumers and noted how the introduced rabbit was able to breed and succeed so successfully because they have no direct predators.

By the end of this week, students will need to have an outline of their documentary produced, which will take the form of a storyboard and we will then see the coming weeks spent filming and editing using iMovie.

Here is an example of a finished storyboard, completed by Ann Maria and Shanthana:

Whilst 5HN was at Spanish, 5DP spent time looking further into food chains and webs. They accessed the site:

Library was cancelled this afternoon, as the new space is still being set up. We will let the students know when their make up borrowing day will be when we know. ­čÖé

Have a great night!

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