Wednesday, Week 6

Good morning everyone,

We had a TRT in today because Mrs Higgs isnt feeling the best, we hope she feels better soon.

Students started the day by continuing their job applications. As part of our photography company we have a number of roles to ensure the company can run successfully. Students wrote an application for two jobs of their choice, all of the options allowed students to focus on their own unique skills and what they can bring to the company. Job titles were:

Accountant, Advertising and Marketing, Blogger, Brand Manager, Data Collector, Documentary Film Maker, Journalist and Website Developer. Students also had the chance to apply for a managerial position in each field.

Students responded to a range of job advertisements, focusing on formal letter writing and learning some base skills in writing cover letters. They could transfer the skills learnt in persuasive writing and use examples of their school work to show specific skills.

In the middle of the day the classes split for Spanish and Sport. This gave individual classes a chance to focus on their guided reading and some Maths Mini.

After lunch we introduced decimals in numeracy. We outlined how important it was to understand, tenths and hundredths as this plays a major role in our monetary system and sports. We watched some sporting videos of how major events can be decided by tenths, hundredths and sometimes one thousandth of a second. Students then completed a couple of workshops that focused on decimals on a number line and manipulating numbers to tenths and hundredths of a second. Students will continue to work on this tomorrow.


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