Friday, Week 6

Students were very busy this morning working through the following list:

Here is some of the completed ‘Fraction Flags’ work.

Over the weekend, Mr Pearce and Mrs Higgs will be taking a close look at the Job Applications that were submitted. With what we have read so far, we have been impressed with the quality of the work and look forward to using these pieces to form the working groups for our Photography Company.

At 11:50 am, we ventured to the Father’s Day Stall, which was hosted and organised by our lovely Parent volunteers.

After Mr Pearce returned to class from his morning in Leadership, we began to explore our next photography art session. Landscape photography was introduced and Mr Pearce showed the students some Photoshop techniques for enhancing the natural elements and bringing out the intended beauty within a shot.

Students then set about photographing a landscape within the school environment with the aim being to make the everyday or ordinary appear extraordinary. They were asked to look at scenes, spaces and environments that the walk past everyday and capture the beauty within them by photographing it from a different angle or perspective.

We will keep you posted on the finished images once they have been rendered in Photoshop next week.

We hope that all the dad’s have a very happy Father’s Day on Sunday and get very spoilt!

Catch you all next week. 🙂

One thought on “Friday, Week 6

  1. The photos look great. Lily showed me her photos on her laptop, they look amazing. Helping out on the Fathers Day stall was nice today. Wishing all the fathers a great day on Sunday. Nina Garrick 😊

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