Monday, Week 7

Good morning all,

This morning we started a new task. Students worked on a gratitude journal. Our lives are so busy and we can easily forget all of the things we are so lucky to have. Today students had a chance to sit down and reflect on the things they were grateful for. On their One Note i put together a range of open ended prompts to get the students thinking. These journals can be so powerful, focusing on the things we are grateful for can lower stress. Here are some examples of some students who wished to share.

After recess we continued to focus on our documentaries in HASS. We provided the students with some more examples of documentaries and some research they may wish to include.

Students then worked on their documentary with the support from Martin Pascoe. Most students have conducted their research and created a storyboard. They are now starting to film and collate different parts together into one iMovie.

After lunch the classes split for Spanish and Library. After DP finished library they work in class on their guided reading.

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