Wednesday, Week 7

Hi everyone,

Please continue to return your Camp forms and MTIOG notes ASAP. We will be starting our unit on ‘Being Sexual’ in the next couple of weeks and it is essential for permission to be given for your child to participate. Thank you to those families who have done so already. 🙂

Please note the tasks that are due this Friday:

The main focus of the day was for students to work towards developing a logo and name for our photography company.

Yesterday afternoon, students received an email that notified them about which job position that they had successfully gained. These positions are outlined below:

In these job groups, students worked firstly to develop a catchy name. They had 25 minutes to do this and present their best name to the class for voting.

This is what they came up with:

We then voted on the best name for our company and ‘Photo Plus – Stories of Us’ was the winner with 24 votes, with ‘PhotoVentures – Adventures through photography’ coming second with 17 votes.

Students then followed the design process below to help develop ideas for our company logo, working both independently and collaboratively at various times.

They were provided with a range of online links that explained the importance of considering their use of colours and fonts and used this understanding to come up with some highly creative designs.

Idea development:

Have a great night everyone!


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