Friday, Week 7

Good morning all,

After assembly this morning, students continued to work on and finish their numeracy inquiry. Students were required to look at the times from the 100m Olympic freestyle semi finals. They then placed the swimmers in order from 1-16 using their knowledge of time and decimals. We then checked our answers by watching the race to see if the students placed them correctly.

After numeracy we split to work with our buddies. We started to plan for our assemblies in Week 2 (HN) and Week 3 (DP).  DP focused on some coding skills and animation skills using a variety of programs and mentoring their younger buddies. HN focused on photography with their buddies.

After lunch we focused on completing our logos and then voting on the one we would like to use for our company. Each individual group decided on which logo they wished to put forward. These are the 9 nominations.

After a secret ballot it was narrowed to a couple of finalists. 3 tied with 4 votes for third spot. Two tied for 2nd spot with 5 votes and their was a unanimous decision for first with 21 votes. Congratulations to everyone for creating some fantastic logos.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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