Wednesday, Week 8

Hi everyone,

This morning in Numeracy the students recapped their learning from yesterday, where they investigated the the Men’s 100 metre sprint times at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This task allowed students to read, ┬ásort, order and compare times recorded in decimal form, building on their understanding of place value, as well as data analysis, tabling and graphing.

After ordering the sprinters from 1st-24th across the 3 qualifying finals,

students then placed the top 8 runners into their appropriate racing lane for the final of the event and compared their times with Usain Bolt’s world record:

We then watched the final and discussed ways to go about completing the third part to the task:

Once complete, students then spent time designing and making a badge that they can wear during Company Time. This badge was to include their name and job role, as well as their managerial position, if applicable.

They were also presented with a brief from the Spring Fair Committee to design a flyer for this year’s fair.

Design Brief:

We are looking for some creative students to design an A4 flyer for the Spring Fair.
The flyer will appear on the blogs, Facebook and other social media.

We would like the flyer to emphasise that:

  • Nova will be broadcasting at the fair from 11am.
  • There will also be a guest appearance by Michael Keelan.

We would need the flyer by no later than Friday Week 8.

They were given a basic and temporary flyer as an example of the information that they could choose to include:

Students will continue to design their posters throughout the rest of the week, along with creating a Moon Lantern for this years Moon Lantern Festival, which is being celebrated as a school next Friday. Stay tuned for more information.

Finally, we wish all students involved in the Catholic School’s Music Festival all the best for a great performance tomorrow night. We are sure that you will do our school and yourselves proud!


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