Thursday, Week 8

Good morning all,

After going through the events of the day, students spent the first session of the morning working on their Numeracy Investigation.

We posed the question: How fast can you ran 100m in?

In groups of 4, students recorded how fast they could run 100m. Students recorded their results and will calculate their average time. Students will then graph their groups results and compare their running times against Usain Bolt’s Rio 2016 results.

After recess students began Independent Learning Time.

Students had the option of continuing work on their Company badge, Spring Fair Poster or started to construct their Moon Lantern.

After lunch students continued ILT.

Moon Lantern Festival

Chinese and Vietnamese families traditionally celebrated the new moon as part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Moon Lantern Festival celebrates the gathering of friends and family after the crops are harvested. The celebration is to give thanks for the harvest and pray for family and good fortune. Some cultures will celebrate with a lion dance, carry brightly coloured lanterns or eat moon-cakes.

In celebration of the Moon Lantern students began planning and designing lanterns for this cultural festival.

It was great to see the children working so well and designing fantastic lanterns.

Catholic Schools Music Festival

All the very best to the girls involved in tonight’s Catholic Schools Music Festival tonight.

 Just a reminder that children can wear Casual clothes tomorrow, Friday 14th September. Please bring in a sealed packet of lollies to support the Spring Fair.

Also the disco is tomorrow night. The year 5 session starts at 7:15 and finishes at 8:30. Parents are welcome to wait in the parent cafe where coffee will be available. Payments can be made through the QKR app.

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